How Many Sprays of Cologne or Perfume

How Many Sprays of Cologne or Perfume

How many sprays of cologne or perfume? How should you be applying Cologne or Fragrance to maximize its ability to help you smell incredible here are some fragrance wearing tips.

Lots of people know where to put a cologne. After all, applying to the right places allows a cologne to smell better and last longer. Knowing about the perfect spots in the body for applying is fundamental to using the cologne the right way. However, there's another crucial matter that you need to familiarize with. This crucial matter is all about the right number of sprays that you should do when using a cologne. The number of sprays can make a cologne good or bad. So how many sprays of cologne is enough or too much? Let's dive in and find out.

There’s something called pulse points all right pulse points these are the places on your body where the blood is flowing where it's heating up and so it’s going to a project that Perfume(Cologne) a little bit better than if you sprayed it on like your back of your head, you get what we are saying.

We’re going to tell you How many sprays of cologne or perfume you should apply and where to apply perfume according to our research and studies. Dos and Don’ts. This is a topic that is very important to all perfume lovers.

First of all, decide your cologne or fragrance you have to know your cologne or fragrance. You cannot apply strong cologne perfume in the same quantity as the less strong cologne for this you have to know your cologne.

    Way to know your Cologne or Perfume:

    First of all, choose your two cologne or perfumes after that what you have to do is you have to spray one perfume on the right hand and spray other perfume on your left hand after five hours find out which perfume or Cologne lasting longer than the other one and this is a test you can do very easily.

    Simply spray the fragrances on your hand and see how long they last so this is the easiest way whatever fragrance you like and you find it how long it lasts.

    How Many Sprays of Cologne or Perfume

    What Should You Consider When Thinking About the Number of Sprays?

    You should think about the lightness or heaviness of the cologne when deciding how many sprays to do.  Expect to spray a lot if the cologne that you're using smells faint. On the other hand, spray only a little if you're using a cologne that smells very strong. Be smart when spraying a cologne because it makes a bad cologne great and vice versa.

    Light Colognes - 5 Sprays

    Light colognes commonly have a non-discernible smell. Nevertheless, you can make light colognes very discernible by spraying them at least 5 times. Also, remember to spray them near your skin or clothes. Spraying close puts, the cologne on the skin in a very concentrated manner. Thus, it will last longer and smell stronger.
    In connection, you only have to spray men's colognes for at least 3 times. It's because light men's colognes still smell deep. Spraying them for at least 4 or 5 times will give you a very dominating smell. To describe, this smell is a bit irritating for the nose and might give others a headache.

    Moderate Colognes - 3 or 4 Sprays

    Moderate colognes should at least be sprayed 3 or 4 times. Most moderate colognes have a floral or powdery scent that's very discernible. Doing 3 or 4 sprays as a minimum will prevent you from smelling like a flower garden. The same also goes for moderate perfumes for men. Still, I suggest that you spray moderate perfumes on your clothes. Spraying on the clothes prevents moderate perfumes from being overbearing. Furthermore, the clothes will help them last longer.

    Heavy Colognes - 2 Sprays

    Heavy colognes are mostly for adults. They have this very erotic smell. Putting the right amount will help you catch people's attention. Avoid putting too much because heavy colognes will only make you look old. For heavy colognes, two sprays are enough. Also, remember to spray them from a distance so that their smell doesn't become too concentrated upon application.

    Respray - 2 Sprays

    How about when you respray a cologne? To answer, you only have to do 2 resprays regardless of the type. Still, remember that you should respray to the most suitable pulse points of the body. These are behind the ears and the wrist. For resprays, avoid spraying for 3 or 5 times because you'll smell very perfume upon getting home. Worst, the base notes of the cologne might linger for days.
    Wearing the base notes of cologne for long is bad. The fragrance of base notes might get in the way of freshly applied colognes.

    Layering - 1 Spray of Each Cologne for Each Pulse Point

    Consider giving each pulse point a single spray of each cologne when layering. The reason for this is obvious. You only need to do a single spray of each colognes because their scents will complement each other. As a result, you're not putting a lot on your skin but the smell will still be very noticeable.
    Avoid spraying each cologne 2 times or more when layering. Doing so will give you a very chaotic smell. I'm not saying that you'll smell odorous. However, expect that the fragrances will smell too much if you spray a lot. The idea behind layering is to put very little so that each cologne can support one another and provide a whole new experience.

    How Many Sprays of Cologne or Perfume

    Two Schools of Thoughts:

    First School:

    According to our research In France, there are two clubs, two schools of thought: The first one says you apply perfume or cologne delicately onto your strategic body points. The first one is the inside of the wrist, not too close to the hands because you're going to wash them, so you want the perfume to stay a bit longer. Then, behind the ears or on the neck, underneath the jawline. That's for when you kiss people so they can smell you. Then, the inside of the elbow if you want to smell stronger. And, not to forget, behind the knees. That's for when you walk past people who are seated, in summer, so they can smell you, too.

    Second School:

    The second school of thought says- very easy- perfume should not be touched at all. So, you spray a cloud into the room in front of you and then you walk through the cloud to catch the molecules if that makes sense. The good thing about this is that your hair smells, too and when your hair is moving, when it's windy, wherever you're going today, then it's nice to smell for people who follow you. But if you use this method, you will need to reapply a bit more often during the day because it's going to vanish away faster. For that purpose, many brands now offer a solid version of the liquid perfume that you have at home so you can carry it around in your purse and use it anytime during the day. Above some information, every perfume lover needs to know. Let us come to the main topic. How many sprays of Cologne Perfume? 

    How many sprays of Cologne?

    How many sprays of Cologne and where should you spray your Cologne or Perfume, we are going to go through a couple of situations school office plane car train date club city festival. According to our research, this is for both men and women.

    Let us start with the easy only three sprays.

    How Many Sprays of Cologne or Perfume

    Three Sprays (First Method):

    1. Spray one behind Right Ear
    2. Spray two behind Left Ear
    3. Spray three on the back of Neck

    These three are the most essential ones because they are the less and least annoying for you the least annoying for the people and at the same time the most efficient for you and the most efficient for your people why because they don't annoy you when they come to meet you and hug you. The people around you are very invigorated by your smell without being overwhelmed.

    Perfect situations for three sprays:

    1. Train
    2. Car
    3. Flight

    Perfect situations are very close encounters a train right well you know the next eight hours or three hours you sit in a train a plane a car you are in a car if you're traveling.

    Generally, if you are in close encounters like a train right a plane and a car, we suggest you are in close encounter spray routine meaning three sprays.

    Add two more sprays if you want:

    Perfect situations to add two more sprays:

    1. Office 
    2. School or College

    If you want you can add two more sprays to the above three sprays just to add two more on the front (chest) right and left side when you give somebody a handshake will be a good impression. This is a good routine if you are school going or go to the office.
    Especially if you spend most of the time in the office. Five sprays best for you. Where most people in their lives are most of the time 80% of the time mostly you are doing something, you are productive if you are not productive not doing anything with people it's also fine you don't have to wear five sprays just three sprays are ok.


    Tip for you If you want to test a perfume or cologne Five sprays is the best method to test perfume or Cologne.

    How Many Sprays of Cologne or Perfume

    Five Sprays (Second Method):

    How many sprays of cologne and where to apply according to our research, this is also for both men and women

    There are five spraying points of Cologne Perfume

    The most efficient spray technique for getting the most compliments are given below:

    1. Spray one Behind Right Ear
    2. Spray two Behind Left Ear
    3. Spray Three Right Color
    4. Spray Four Left Color
    5. Spray Five on the back of Neck
    Five sprays guys one behind each ear so when people give you a left kiss right kiss, they smell you and they think you smell good. And this counts for the ladies out there also behind the ear not on the hair so behind each ear left kiss right kiss or you hug somebody fantastic. It doesn't annoy you if it’s on 5 Spray areas because it's not directly on your front (throat areas) so the fragrance stings your nose all the time no it's behind ears it covers your intimate area. That’s nice it's also not on your shoulders it's also not on your hand you want people to come closer to you and then smell that fantastic fragrance too many times.

    We all had the situation that the friends have introduced itself before we even shook hand with that person and how many times did we have this situation where we gave somebody left kiss right kiss or even just a handshake and what's going on man and we found out man you smell good this is much cool all right, don't you think that it is much cooler. The first two behind each ear fantastic is also a pulse point which means here in this area, a lot of blood is flowing and there is also heat. Why on the color simply for people have the issue that we do get red spots and some people get allergy if we spray directly on our skin because of the alcohol the only issue you have to know about don't spray that close but if you spray it from some distance okay, fantastic.

    You have to know the clothes always wear your fragrance longer than your skin the clothes will always stay with your fragrance longer than your pure skin. If your girlfriend licks your neck or you kiss the neck of your girlfriend or whoever you won't lick up the oil of the fragrance you will get the nice smell from the ear but this area is still clean nice you can have a nice lotion or whatever type of cream all good nothing interferes. Last, of course, you want to spray on the back of your neck because if you go somewhere you have a nice scent behind.

    How Many Sprays of Cologne or Perfume

    Seven Sprays (Third Method):

     The Last one is seven sprays and this is for the extreme going out type of situation.

    1. Spray three Right Color
    2. Spray Four Left Color
    3. Spray one Behind Right Ear
    4. Spray two Behind Left Ear
    5. Spray Five on the back of Neck
    6. Spray Six on the Right Shoulder Or (On your hairs If you have Long Hairs)
    7. Spray Seven on the Left Shoulder Or (On your hairs If you have Long Hairs)

    Perfect situations for seven sprays:

    1. City Center
    2. Festival
    3. Club
    When you want to go to the city center you go to a festival you go to a club where you add two more sprays if you don't have long hair on your shoulder because this perfectly radiates to everybody in your clothes area. If you have long hair, we suggest you spray it in your hair because the better thing about that is it's more intimate than just on your clothes.

    Dos and Don’ts:

    • Further studies outcome shows that the best time to apply the perfume that is right after you get out of the shower immediately after drying off. You spray it and it goes in and allows it to hide.
    • Another thing that you need to know is the mist technique is not an appropriate and effective way to spray or apply your Cologne right most people have done it right you spray it in the air and then you get under it exactly gentlemen this is absolutely a no-go. Like Second School of Thoughts.

    • You got to make sure that you are spraying it about three to six inches away from your pulse point also on your clothes because the oils in the Cologne actually can damage your clothes the other issue with spraying it on your clothes that it's not having the ability to heat up.
    • The most important tip is don’t wear too much less is better one-two possibly three squirts depending on the fragrance and the power and how it interacts with you are going to be plenty.
    • Important to remember is that you should never rub perfume. It should be on the points (Mentioned above) that are hotter than the rest of your body because the skin is thinner in those areas, so it's heating the perfume anyway and it's going to go into the room thanks to that. If you rub on top, you're overheating the perfume. It's breaking the molecules and it's going to change for worse, the smell of the perfume later, so you want to avoid that.


    Now you have a good idea of 'how many sprays of cologne' you can Apply. You can apply these techniques without any fear. Find a suitable method out of the three shown above according to your own needs. Get ready enough before applying your cologne to benefit from it. To end our discussion about how much sprays of cologne you have to do, I'll say that more than 5 is overkill. Consider doing 5 sprays as the maximum. Avoid doing 6 or 10 sprays because it won't only affect how you smell but also your health. Simply follow the tips in this article and there would be no reason behind why you can't appreciate an appealing fragrance throughout the day.

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