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18 Best Orange Blossom Perfume

Best Orange Blossom Perfume

Hello, Orange Blossom lovers I will show you 18 Best Orange Blossom Perfumes. Scents have power as much as words do. Wearing perfume makes you feel empowered, alive, and blessed. That said, it chases bad vibes away. If things are going wrong for you right now, a perfume might help. What's a good example of a helpful perfume? A great example is the orange blossom perfume. Orange blossom fragrance means prosperity, love, mystery, and adventure. It's a scent that embodies summer where everything is radiant and alive.

A fragrance with a twist. A certain something. This is the main trait that comes first on everybody's lips when we try to describe perfumes including orange blossom essence. It goes towards the exotic side, without being, however, purely in the exotic perfumes category. If you are fascinated by orange blossom, or just intrigued and curious, we present you the 16 best orange blossom perfumes that you can find on the market, nowadays. 

Blossom vs. Fruit

We surely have a difference here. You might enjoy the orange perfumes yet not the orange blossom ones, and vice versa. This difference comes from the particularities of classic orange fruits versus the orange blossom essence which is extracted from another orange plant type, the bitter-orange flower. The first essence comes from fully ripped fruits, and the result is a stingy, clear, and strong fragrance, full orange. Whereas the orange blossom results in a more subtle nuance, a bitter and intriguing aroma that you might not even recognize immediately as coming from an orange. 

Come! join my tour because I'll show you the Top 18 Best Orange Blossom Perfume that won't only bring you a nice smell but also good fortune.

    1.Dior - Addict Eau De Parfum

    Addict Eau De Parfume launched in 2012 and was created by Francois Demachy - the mind behind Sauvage collection. This product uses the scents of orange blossom, mandarin orange, and night-blooming cereus. Addict Eau De Parfum has a smell that's not very striking but lasts for long. This trait makes it suitable for normal use.

    This perfume has a smooth and refreshing character. The sweet smell of orange blossom and the rich zesty scent of mandarin orange go well with each other. On the other hand, the dust and spicy smell of night-blooming cereus highlight the fragrances of the mandarin orange and orange blossom so that they stand out more.

    Addict Eau De Parfum isn't very noticeable. However, its made to last. Go for this product if you're looking for a perfume that doesn't have to be resprayed.

    Pros of Addict Eau De Parfum:

    • lasts for long
    • a smooth and refreshing scent

    Cons of Addict Eau De Parfum:

    • very citrusy or juicy smell

    Reasons to Buy:

    • can be layered with other perfumes
    • great perfume for work

    2.Roberto Cavalli Eau De Parfum (EDP)

    Roberto Cavalli is the orange blossom for the independent woman. It has a strong citrusy smell that empowered women will like. This perfume aims to showcase the hidden strength and toughness that the modern woman has. If you're into a perfume that tells people that you can do it on your own, purchase this one.

    Roberto Cavalli EDP starts with a spicy smell. This spiciness gives power and appeal for this perfume. It pulls the attention of anyone who gets touched with the scent of Roberto Cavalli EDP. The spicy fragrance is then followed by the citrusy and fruity smell of orange blossom. The orange blossom is then mixed with the base note of roasted tonka beans. This tones down the citrusy smell a bit and ensures that the orange blossom fragrance won't make you feel dizzy. This perfume enters the category of intense flavor creamy fragrances, probably due to its strong honey traits.

    Pros of Roberto Cavalli Eau De Parfum:

    • has a spicy strong kick
    • doesn't have a tinge of alcohol
    • It is most suitable for winter as it has that warm feeling about it. It preserves the specific Cavalli, one of a kind exotic twist.

    Cons of Roberto Cavalli Eau De Parfum:

    • not ideal to be used with other types of perfume
    • a bit sour for those who are not used to orange blossom perfumes.
    • It is considered by some women a bit tacky, with an over-the-top vintage touch. This, without being a bad thing, per se, proves repelling for certain women.

    Reasons to Buy:

    • pulls the attention of anyone who smells it
    • doesn't fade away quickly

    3.Caron- Narcisse Noir EDT

    Narcisse Noir is a perfume first launched in 1911. This is one of the best creations of Caron. Perfumer Earnest Daltroff came up with the original formulation of Narcisse Noir. This perfume's scent hasn't changed even with the passing of time. If you're looking for a classic orange blossom scent that showcases the sophistication of Parisian life, Narcisse Noir won't fail you.

    Caron Narcisse Noir has a lighter smell than Robert Cavalli EDP. It uses the fragrance notes of narcissus and orange blossom. The orange blossom gives this product a citrusy fragrance and the narcissus provides a mild soapy smell. This combination is very ingenious on part of the creator because the narcissus tones down the sour smell of the orange blossom. It makes the sourness of the orange blossom bearable for the nose.

    Pros of Caron- Narcisse Noir EDT:

    • classic orange blossom perfume
    • has a timeless scent that's been tested and proven

    Cons of Caron- Narcisse Noir EDT:

    • the smell of this product might not suit younger women

    Reasons to Buy:

    • the combination of narcissus and orange fragrance smells new all the time
    • perfume with a certain degree of social prestige

    4.Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Women EDT

    People originally called this perfume JPGaultier Eau de Parfum. But now it goes by the simple name of Classique. Similar to the previous product, this perfume was created a long time ago. The first bottle of Classique first emerged in 1993. However, this product is still popular nowadays. It brings out the sexiness and allure of women that only orange blossom perfumes can do.

    Classique uses the top notes of rose and anise. However, it is not the top notes that make this product shine. At the heart of this perfume are the fragrance notes of orange blossom and ginger. The middle notes give this perfume a sweet yet spicy feel. This product's scent stays on the mind once smelled.

    This addicting smell is the secret behind Classique's lasting popularity. This perfume is best used for dates and for the night.

    Pros of Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Women EDT:

    • The sexy and alluring smell
    • very concentrated orange blossom fragrance
    • uses a stylish perfume bottle

    Cons of Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Women EDT:

    • a deep smell that's not suitable for users ages 18-22

    Reasons to Buy:

    • has a classic orange blossom scent
    • captures the attention of men

    5.Dior - J'adore in Joy EDT

    Many say that orange blossom perfumes are only for mature women. It's because aside from prosperity and the feeling of summer, orange blossom fragrance pertains to sexuality. This is why younger women are not recommended to wear them. However, there is a perfume that gives orange blossom an innocent and playful character - J'adore in Joy EDT

    This perfume doesn't really use orange blossom as one of its fragrance notes. However, the combination of the fragrances from ylang-ylang, "Fleur de Sel", sambac jasmine, and tuberose gives this product a light fruity smell that's strikingly similar to orange blossoms. In general, I'll describe the scent of this product as joyful, playful, and innocent.This perfume is a variety of the classic Dior J'Adore. Plus the "in Joy" part which is due to the addition of this spicy orange blossom fragrance.

    Pros of Dior - J'adore in Joy EDT:

    • doesn't use orange blossom fragrance but smells like its using this
    • orange blossom perfume for young women ages 15-20.
    • This perfumes creates a light note at the same time maintaining the classic elegance of Dior. It is a rich, dense aroma that goes well with all ages.

    Cons of Dior - J'adore in Joy EDT:

    • very light scent that mature women might not like
    • J'Adore in Joy is a perfume at the edge of strangeness. Thus, not everybody embraces it. It is a peculiar salty feel variant of the usual white flower perfume category. Many women reject it, without knowing exactly why.

    Reasons to Buy:

    • fruity scent but not very deep
    • great perfume for exercise and other fun activities

    6. O de L'Orangerie, by Lancome

    It is a floral feminine elixir, a rightful successor of the classic "O" by Lancome.

    Pros. It is described as radiantly beautiful, elegant, at the same time being super fresh and clean. O de L'Orangery is perfect for a beautiful sunny summer day. It is considered as femininity taken to extreme.

    Cons. It is not that appropriate for evenings or business environments, its use being somehow restricted to holidays and leisure activities.

    7.Serge Lutens Fleurs d'Oranger

    Serge Lutens Fleurs d'Oranger brings out the character of the siren - a type of woman that all men dream to possess. Smelling this product makes you think that you have it all. It makes you feel dangerous, sexy, and young. Go for this product if you're looking for a perfume that's great for parties.

    This perfume uses the sweet floral scents of tuberose, white rose, and jasmine. These are then paired with the citrusy smell of orange blossom for a soft, alluring, and feminine touch. Furthermore, the base notes of hibiscus, floral musk, and cumin give warmth to Fleurs d'Oranger. This product's scent personifies the alluring nature of a siren that men can't escape.The name of this perfume says it all. It was launched in 2003 and has strong spicy accents.

    Pros of Serge Lutens - Fleurs d'Oranger:

    • a scent that provides a sexy character
    • a highly feminine scent that men can easily recognize
    • It is an extremely feminine fragrance, lush and floral oriental that creates a very sensual scent, for mature women.

    Cons of Serge Lutens - Fleurs d'Oranger:

    • the floral fragrances dominate a bit.
    • Some women complain that this perfume is too serious, and lacks that playful note usually associated with orange blossom.

    Reasons to Buy:

    • a great perfume for a married woman
    • suitable perfume for dates and parties
    • long-lasting and doesn't have to be resprayed.

    8. Orange Blossom,by Jo Malone

    This is a unisex fragrance, which also includes the clementine essence. So it's a very citrusy, fresh aroma.

    Pros. Orange Blossom is a sweet, floral, wearable during all those spring and summer days. It is unpretentious and brings in the relaxed feeling of drinking a healthy cup of concentrated green tea.

    Cons. It is quite short-lasting (on the skin, on clothes), unfortunately. Those wearing it often complain that the fragrance disappears after only a couple of hours after spraying it.

    9. Boss Orange,Hugo Boss

    Boss orange is a fruity citrus perfume for women, dedicated to warm daytime wear. It is often compared to an orange-candy fragrance.

    Pros. It brings a girly sweetness due to vanilla addition, which makes it a good choice for women of all ages. It is extremely fresh and most suitable for outdoor activities, even for practicing sports.

    Cons. Several women believe this perfume is boring. The critics say it is rather dull and cologne-style, lacking in any other subtle undernotes. You get the orange blossom and not much else.

    10. Le Parfum, Elie Saab

    This a sparkling perfume, with quite a strong orange aroma that continues with an entire floral bouquet. It is considered classy, lady-like.

    Pros. Le Parfum has also honey and jasmine, thus making it a very girly, dreamy, and comforting, yet in a fresh way. It is actually a floral-oriental perfume, however without having the heavy, restrictive note of other oriental perfumes. Women using it assess this fragrance as quite light, and easy-going.

    Cons. Although it is announced to be a very sensual fragrance, women using it say that it generates rather light and warm emotions, and not so much so, sensuality. So, for this type of effects, Le Perfume by Elie Saab is not your number one choice. 

    11. Coco Mademoiselle,Chanel

    The very popular Coco Madmoiselle, was launched in 2001, and since then it has conquered women all over the world. It is a light floral oriental fragrance, and it is very much influenced by the pH of the woman wearing it. Though it smells phenomenal on some women, it will not do the same for others.

    Pros. It brings orange blossom sparkly notes with a very classy touch. It is generally dedicated to fancy, sophisticated young ladies. It takes out the fashionista side in all of us.

    Cons. It has become a very common fragrance, due to its many fans. So the risk of meeting several others wearing Coco Madmoiselle, is quite high. Plus, after such a frenzy with this aroma, the perfume lovers got a bit bored by it, as it remained nothing special or mysterious about the message it communicates.

    12. Terra Bella, Christian Dior

    This is a very green, refreshing fragrance with a herbal touch. It brings about the Mediterranean holiday vibe to those who wear it.

    Pros. This is a fresh-citrusy fragrance. It is dedicated to all those relaxed summer days and brings you in a mood for planning your next trip.

    Cons. It is a feeble fragrance, and for some, this is not impactful at all. The orange blossom fragrance it is a bit too subtle for the real orange lovers.

    13. Classique Cabaret,by Jean-Paul Gaultier

    This is a limited edition launched by Gaultier in 2019, and has ginger and orange blossom as two leading aromas.

    Pros. As you very well know with Gaultier perfumes, this one is also very sexy, very seductive and mysterious. Although being a citrusy floral-sweet perfume, it brings in the exact mysterious factor that recommends it for night time, for special occasions.

    Cons. The combination ginger-orange makes some users to get a feel of medicinal product. Some women even say that it reminds them of mosquito spray.

    14. Black Opium, Yves Saint Laurent

    This is a fruity white floral fragrance with a hint of coffee, where the orange blossom is not the predominant note.

    Pros. Black Opium is an electrifying, daring fragrance, for courageous and seductive women. This aroma speaks about a woman who embraces and expresses her wildest depths. 

    Cons. Some women found this perfume too heavy and with too many contrasting essences mixed all together.

    15. Alien Fusion, by Thierry Mugler

    A strong floral oriental fragrance launched by Thierry Mugler in 2019. It is one of the many variations of their powerful and unique Alien fragrance.

    Pros. This is a very sexy, spicy hot orange blossom perfume. It is practically a summer sexy statement from any woman that may use it. It is appropriate for daytime and nighttime wear.

    Cons. Some women find it too strong and overwhelming, to the point of giving them a stomach ache.

    16. L'Interdit, by Givenchy

    L'Interdit was launched recently by Givenchy, 2018, as a reinterpretation of the original 1957, worn by Audrey Hepburne. It is a floral woody-oriental musk fragrance.

    Pros. It is as spicy and seductive as easy to wear. It brings the idea of the forbidden fruit, and makes you the object of hidden desires.

    Cons. Though women may expect a very strong evening fragrance, it is quite light, wearable only during day time, casual times.

    17. Happy, by Clinique

    We can say that Clinique's Happy, was a trendsetter in the use of orange blossom fragrances. It practically consecrated this category of perfumes. And these days it also has mass-appeal.

    Pros. It is the absolute definition of clean, refreshing, light, girly, and playful. However, it doesn't lack the sexy element. Practically the name happy says it all.

    Cons. For many, this is a plain boring perfume that doesn't have a unique feature to separate it from others. It is just Orange Blossom right in your face.

    18. Honey, by Marc Jacobs

    This is a fruity floral scent with pear, mandarin besides the orange blossom. However, including honey as its main element, this aroma transforms into a very warm and sweet girly perfume.

    Pros. It instantly puts a smile on your face. Honey brings you that home-sweet-home, yet playful feel and comfort.

    Cons. It is all girly, however, it is not very popular among more mature, seductive women. 

    Final Verdict:

    These are the Top 18 Best Orange Blossom Perfumes that you need to have. They're the best because they don't only smell good, but they're also affordable, easy to use, and tested by other reviewers apart from me. Overall, these products have the best orange blossom fragrances in the market. Some are fruity, some smell deep. and some smell light. However, know that all of these provide the summer and sexy feel that orange blossom fragrance gives.

    So, here you have them, all the best orange blossom perfumes and their particularities. Although all of them have this amazing bitter-floral aroma within, they are extremely diverse. I am certain you will find among them, your best, one of a kind, orange blossom perfume match.

    I give all of these products 5 stars. Get these perfumes now and experience their wonders.

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