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Can you smell in dreams

Can you smell in dreams

    'Can you smell in dreams' Dreams are series of scenes, memories, ideas that happen involuntarily in our sleep. These series of stories may contain exciting, fun, and happy memories. However, sometimes there are bad dreams called nightmares. Dreams are still a mystery to many experts and professionals. The cause and type of dreams that we can dream is still not yet exactly and specifically found by science. On the other hand, many scientists have suggested theories about dreams.

    Following are four studies:

    According to our research, there are studies on this topic. Some positive and some negative. 

    1. Positive study:

     A study in 2008 has suggested that the odor that you smell in your sleep affects greatly your dreams. Two research factors were tested to investigate the effect of odor in dreams. The results of the study in 2008 showed that good odor produces good dreams and bad produces bad dreams. With these results, many theorists argued that people can smell in their dreams. Theorists also suggested that this can open a possible solution on therapeutical uses.

    2. Positive study:

    In a 2014 research, the analysts tested the relationship of smell function and parts of the brain during sleep. The research has shown evidence that when people smell an odor during sleep, there is a minor effect in the brain. During the third phase of sleep, the piriform cortex responds to odor on a minimum result. The evidence showed that a sharp wave activity in the piriform cortex which contributes to odor memory. With this evidence, we can conclude that somehow we can smell while sleeping.

    3. Positive study:

    In an article released earlier this year, there are many authors, experts researchers, and professionals who claimed that they can smell in their sleep. An author has stated that a positive olfactory system has resulted in pleasant dreams in their sleep. It was also stated in this literature that, even in the early years, research has concluded that sleeping while inhaling the scent of perfume resulted to positive dreams. The author also suggested that the most convincing evidence of smelling while sleeping was from the memoirs of a famous deaf and blind author. This article concludes that people can smell in their dreams however it is not exactly provided with sufficient evidence.

    4. Negative study:

    A study in 2004 states that sounds can wake us up in the middle of sleep but odors can't. Research participants were tested for two days wearing elastic chinstrap which allowed nose breathing while sleeping. Researchers used a fragrant peppermint and a stinky pyridine as research testing variables. During deep sleep, no one reacted both to the scents of the fragrant peppermint and stinky pyridine. It can be concluded, that in this research, people won't be able to smell in their sleep.


    Now you have information on 'Can you smell in dreams' Dreams are composed of a series of stories and ideas that are created by your brain. However, science has yet to prove how dreams work and what causes them to appear when we sleep. Many research suggests that we can smell in our dreams and can directly affect its pleasantness. Nevertheless, no experts, scientists, or professionals have yet to prove enough evidence to conclude that we can really smell in our dreams.

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