Best Perfume that smells like lilacs

Best Perfume that smells like lilacs

Best Perfume that smells like lilacs

Hello, lilac lovers want to know Best Perfume that smells like lilacs. Being picky about your perfume isn't a bad habit. Your perfume is an extension of your personality. It allows people to take a glimpse of who you are. This is the reason why celebs stick to particular perfume brands that they love. For a perfume to be great, it must have a fragrance that brings meaning. Perfume with lilac fragrance is a good example. Lilac fragrance embodies the start of summer or spring. In other terms, it means that something new is coming.

Lilacs aren't only popular because they're beautiful. Most love them because of their striking sweet smell. Put a lilac in a room and it immediately fills the inside with its aroma. Lilacs are good as they are. However, they're even better when used as perfumes. Perfumes that showcase lilac fragrances are a must-have. You can wear them for working, attending school, dates, and meeting friends. Furthermore, their smell is suitable for summer and fall. Lilac perfumes prepare you for what's coming. That said, it's good to add a bottle of lilac perfume in your collection. I know that you're in a hurry. So let me give you a swift review and comparison of the 8 best perfume that smells like lilac.

Allow me to show you the top 8 best perfumes that smell like lilacs that will suit the taste of people of all ages. For this discussion, I will talk about the unique qualities of each product, their pros, their cons, and other information that will be useful for deciding which to buy.

    1.Old But Gold: Caswell-Massey Lilac Perfume For Travel

    Caswell-Massey Lilac Perfume

    Casswell-Massey is one of the most dominating brands in the cosmetics and personal care industry. Their soaps have a light scent that is non-violating on the skin, and their perfumes come with the most comforting and catchy fragrances. Caswell-Massey is one of the oldest perfume brands in the U.S. Even George Washington used its products too!

    Since 1752, Caswell-Massey has continued to make people smell amazing. Even though quite established, Caswell-Massey makes perfumes that are affordable and a good value for money. One product of this brand that you might love is the Lilac Perfume for Travel (a.k.a New York Botanical Garden Lilac Eau De Toilette Perfume Travel Spray).

    Pros of Caswell-Massey Lilac Travel Perfume

    1.Refreshing and Light Lilac Top Note

    Upon spraying this product on your skin, the lilac top note immediately meets your sense of smell. The lilac scent has a refreshing and light character that women will love. Aside from this, it has a remarkable clean scent that showcases the natural fragrance of lilacs. This perfume will make you think back of the youthful and innocent days.

    2.Undernote of Amber and Sandalwood

    The top note of lilac is then followed by the undernotes of amber and sandalwood. Their fragrance isn't very strong which I really love. They pack a kick that's just enough to prevent you from respraying from time to time. Amber and sandalwood undernotes go well with the lilac top note. As a result, the lilac fragrance becomes more attractive as time goes by.

    3.Easy To Carry Bottle

    The manufacturers of this product stayed true to their promise of making it a travel perfume. Caswell-Massey Lilac Travel Perfume uses a small bottle that's very easy to carry around. This perfume can be tucked inside a small pouch, bag, large pocket, etc.

    Cons of Caswell-Massey Lilac Travel Perfume

    1.Runs Out Quickly

    The bottle of this perfume is small. Therefore, it can only contain a limited amount of liquid. As a consequence, this perfume might only last for 1 or 3 months of continuous usage.

    2. Bottle Isn't Stylish

    In terms of fragrance, this perfume doesn't lag behind others. However, it's bottle needs to reworked. The bottle has a classic design that looks old and tired. This might be because Caswell-Massey wants to showcase the fact that they're one of the oldest perfume brands in the U.S.

    Why Buy This Perfume?

    Caswell-Massey Lilac Perfume for Travel is a good value for money because:

    • it's manufactured by one of the oldest perfume brands in the U.S.
    • it's easy to carry around
    • it has a refreshing, youthful, and clean scent
    • it becomes more fragrant the longer it's worn

    2.New Contender: Pacifica French Lilac Spray Perfume

    Pacifica French Lilac Spray Perfume

    Pacifica is one perfume brand that users aren't familiar with. I didn't know when they started, but their first edition of perfumes was launched in 2007. Their perfumes have catchy packaging and feature scents that suit the tastes of various users regardless of age and gender.

    Still, the most unique quality of Pacifica perfumes is that they're formulated with the users in mind. This brand takes pride in producing all-natural perfumes that use fewer chemicals and are safe for the skin. If you're looking for an all-natural perfume with a lilac scent.

    Pros of Pacifica French Lilac Spray Perfume

    1.Goes Well With Other Perfumes

    This perfume thrives well on its own, but it's best used in combination with other perfumes. Pacific French Lilac Spray Perfume has a none dominating fragrance. Its smell is useful for bringing out the fragrance of weaker perfumes. This product is a good choice if you're into custom fragrances.

    2.Very Light Formula

    This perfume is made without parabens, phthalates, and other ingredients that might harm you. People with sensitive skin should opt for this product. Pacific French Lilac Spray has a very light formulation that won't cause rashes, sneezing, and other allergic reactions.

    Cons of Pacifica French Lilac Spray Perfume

    1. Doesn't Last Long

    The light formulation is good for the skin, but it also means that this perfume's fragrance doesn't last long. The lilac top note feels soft on the nose. However, it dissipates completely after 2 or 3 hours. As a result, you might have to respray from time to time.

    2. Undertones Get In the Way of The Lilac Top Note

    Aside from lilacs, this perfume uses scents from hyacinth, heliotrope, ylang-ylang, magnolia leaves, etc. These undertones manifest themselves together with the lilac top note upon spraying. Though the lilac scent dominates, the undertones mess the whole experience and give this perfume a slightly confusing smell.

    Why Buy This Perfume?

    Pacifica French Lilac Spray Perfume is good value for the money because:

    • it's lightly formulated
    • it's hypo-allergenic
    • it has a fragrance that goes well with other perfumes

    3.Dolce and Gabanna - Floral Drops EDT:

    Dolce and Gabanna - Floral Drops EDT

    Floral Drops EDT entered the market in 2014. It's a perfume that opens with the top notes of neroli leaf and papaya flower. The combination of amaryllis, daffodils, and water lilies for the middle note gives this fragrance a lilac scent.I'll give perfumers, Jean-Marc Chaillan and Laurent Le Guernec, a big thumbs up because they managed to give Floral Drops EDT a sweet lilac smell even without using lilacs as an ingredient.

    Pros of Floral Drops EDT

    • smells mildly sweet
    • refreshing perfume

    Cons of Floral Drops EDT

    • has a slight detergent smell
    • has a short projection and only lasts 2 hours on average

    Reasons to Buy D&G Floral EDT

    • a very mild lilac scent that's perfect for users who are sensitive to lilacs

    4.Le Galion - Sortilege

    Le Galion - Sortilege

    This perfume was launched in 2014. However, the first bottles of Sortilege were used by members of New York's Stork Jazz Club in the 1930s. Compared to Dolce and Gabanna Floral Drops EDT, this perfume has a sweeter and stronger floral scent. This might be due to the wide array of flowers used as ingredients. Sortilege features scents from ylang-ylang, lilacs, aldehydes, Egyptian jasmine, mimosa, Turkish rose, and other flowers.

    Pros of Le Galion - Sortilege

    • exciting and bewitching perfume
    • a good alternative to Chanel No.22 

    Cons of Le Galion - Sortilege

    • might be too floral and even powder for some users
    • feels a bit warm on the skin

    Reasons To Buy Le Galion-Sortilege

    • very luxurious lilac perfume
    • smells very feminine

    5.Clean Classic EDP

    Clean Classic EDP

    Clean Classic isn't necessarily a lilac perfume. However, I decided to include it on this list because it goes with perfumes that smell like lilacs. This is a great layering perfume with a refreshing floral smell. The fragrance of this perfume goes well with lilac perfumes that feel warm like the Le Galion Sortilege.

    Pros of Clean Classic EDP

    • has a scent that doesn't disrupt the smell of other perfumes
    • can be used as layering perfume by men and women

    Cons of Clean Classic EDP

    • doesn't smell great on its own

    Reasons To Buy Clean Classic EDP

    • affordable layering perfume
    • feels cool and comfortable on the skin
    • doesn't give clothes stains

    6.Ineke- After My Own Heart

    Ineke- After My Own Heart

    After My Own Heart is a lilac perfume that smells deeper than D&G Floral Drops and Le Galion- Sortilege. Also, you'll love this product because it has a dominant sweet smell that's accompanied by the woody aroma of musk, sandalwood, and heliotrope. This lilac perfume suits the taste of middle-aged and elderly women.

    Pros of Ineke - After My Own Heart

    • very deep and clean lilac smell
    • has a slight woody aroma

    Cons of Ineke- After My Own Heart

    • the woody aroma might irritate the nose
    • might be too sweet for some

     Reasons To Buy Ineke - After My Own Heart

    • good lilac perfume for lesbians
    • lasts for long and doesn't require resprays

    7.Tru Fragrance and Beauty - Rock & Roll Cowgirl Perfume

    Tru Fragrance and Beauty - Rock & Roll Cowgirl Perfume

    The perfume bottle of this lilac perfume is the most beautiful compared to other perfumes on this list. Rock & Roll Cowgirl perfume uses a perfume bottle has a deep shade of pink. It's very appealing to the eyes of young girls. Nevertheless, don't get fooled because this perfume has a strong lilac smell that's seductive and alluring.

    Pros of Tru Fragrance and Beauty - Rock & Roll Cowgirl Perfume

    • has a seductive and alluring lilac smell
    • uses a very attractive perfume box and perfume bottle

    Cons of Tru Fragrance and Beauty - Rock & Roll Cowgirl Perfume

    • not suitable for young women and might smell too mature
    • there's a slight sourness that disrupts the lilac smell

    Reasons To Buy Tru Fragrance and Beauty - Rock & Roll Cowgirl Perfume

    • great lilac perfume for dinner dates and for visiting friends
    • provides the user with a mature personality

    8.Cheapest Option: Natural Solid Lilac Perfume

    This perfume is great for teenagers. Its price tag is very cheap and will suit the budget of anyone. This product is ideal for those who want to try lilac perfumes. Even though it's cheap, don't be fooled because Natural Solid Lilac Perfume goes toe to toe with the previous perfumes that I had mentioned. 

    Pros of Natural Solid Lilac Perfume

    1.Well Designed Bottle

    Natural Solid Lilac Perfume uses an eye-catching bottle. Its violet perfume bottle looks remarkably simple and non-bulky. This allows for easy storage. The perfume bottle is also leak-free and makes Natural Solid Lilac Perfume ideal for lengthy travel

    2.Clean Scent

    This perfume has a very clean scent. It's 100% formulated with lilac fragrance and doesn't come with scents from other flowers. This perfume gives out the strong natural scent of lilacs in the wild. You might love the fragrance of this perfume if you're a die-hard lilac fan.

    Cons of Natural Solid Lilac Perfume

    1.Smells Plain

    You might not love this product if you're into perfumes with undertones. Though it smells great, all you can smell while wearing this perfume are lilacs. As a result, this perfume might give you a plain flowery smell. Honestly, this perfume isn't good to be worn on extravagant parties and other special gatherings.

    2.Feels Sticky on The Skin

    This perfume has a sticky feel when applied directly to the skin. To achieve a dominating lilac scent, the manufacturer of this product might have used a lot of lilac oil. The high concentration of lilac oil makes this perfume a bit uncomfortable and sticky. To avoid this, you should only apply Natural Solid Lilac Perfume on your clothes and not on your skin

    Why Buy This Perfume?

    Natural Solid Lilac Perfume is good value for money because:

    • it uses a non-bulky perfume bottle
    • it has a strong lilac fragrance
    • it won't strain your budge

    Final Verdict:

    Lilac perfumes suits any kind of attire or purpose. That said , it's great if you decide to add 8 best perfume that smells like lilacs that I discussed here. Nothing compares to lilacs perfumes when it comes to expressing your womanhood in different ways. It's because lilac fragrances redefine the meaning of feminine persona.

    All of these perfumes work great. They have an attractive lilac fragrance that you will surely love. However, you should consider your needs when deciding which of these products to buy. That way, you can determine which of these products is the best perfume that smells like lilacs.

    If you're looking for a classic lilac scent, then you should go for Caswell-Massey. Caswell-Massey Lilac Travel Perfume has a lilac fragrance that users cannot get enough of over the years.

    You should go for Pacifica French Lilac Spray Perfume if you're looking for a lilac perfume that's very safe. It lightly formulated and won't cause allergic reactions. Buy this one if you're skin easily gets irritated.

    Lastly, Natural Solid Lilac Perfume is the best product to buy if you're looking for a lilac perfume that's very affordable.

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