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Top 10 YSL Perfume for her (Review & Comparison)

Top 10 YSL Perfume for her (Review & Comparison)

Top 10 best YSL perfumes for her? Yves Saint Laurent (YSL for short) is one of the longest thriving luxury brands in the fashion industry. You might have bought some YSL footwear, bags, and clothing because they look chic and fab. Will you believe me if I say that YSL also makes great perfumes?. The first perfume that YSL marketed came out in 1964. This perfume introduced the appealing fruity and floral scents that YSL can give to women. YSL perfume has this signature natural fruity and flowery smell that you might love. Your very lucky because I'll show you the top 10 best YSL perfumes for her women today.

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Stay seated and don't leave. I'll give you a quick yet highly detailed discussion about the best YSL perfumes that you shouldn't hesitate to have.

    Mon Paris

    1.Mon Paris (Touch Mon Paris of Dazzling Love):

    Mon Paris is a perfume that emerged from the brilliant minds of Oliver Cresp, Harry Fremont, and Dora Bagrhiche. These brilliant minds formulated this perfume to give out the vibe of young women who are always ready to give their love without fear or restrictions. Mon Paris isn't just about youth. It's about living the youthful life to the fullest.

    Mon Paris has well though out fragrance. The fruity essences of bergamot, raspberry, strawberry, and pear prepare your nose to greet the alluring floral fragrances of datura flower, Chinese jasmine, Sambac jasmine, and orange blossom. Mon Paris' scent concludes with the base notes of crystal white musk, ambroxan, and patchouli. The base notes provide a safe refuge from the intensity of the flowery fragrances.

    Pros of Mon Paris:

    • gives you the image of a woman who's not afraid to fall in love
    • gives you a more youthful image

    Cons of Mon Paris:

    • has  a fragrance that closely resembles luxury teen perfumes

    Why Buy This Perfume?

    • Mon Paris is a great perfume for women who aims to have an outgoing and agreeable character

    Black Opium

    2.Black Opium (The Smell of Fun Loving Women):

    Black Opium is born out of Oliver Cresp, Honorine Blanc, Marie Salamagne, and Nathalie Lorson's collaborative efforts. This perfume is formulated to give out the energetic and fun-loving side of women. Women need to release themselves from time to time. This is the message that Black Opium conveys.

    Black Opium begins with the smokey and bitter scent of coffee. This is then provided with a contrast of sweet and spicy fragrance derived from orange blossom, pink pepper, vanilla, jasmine, patchouli, and cedar. The smell of Black Opium is deep. This trait might make it a women's perfume that's also great for men.

    Pros of  Black Opium:

    • has a revitalizing smell
    • a perfume that's not boring or plain on the nose

    Cons of  Black Opium:

    • the bitter scent might be too powerful and doesn't go away quickly

    Why Buy This Perfume:

    • gives you a fun and energetic character
    • gives you a cheerful impression

    Black Opium Intense

    3. Black Opium Intense (Making The Fun A Bit Darker):

    This is one of the best YSL perfumes for women that has a seductive character. Black Opium Intense aims to showcase the fun and outgoing side of women just like its namesake. However, the fun and outgoing side of women is paired with a bit of eroticism in Black Opium Intense. This goes with the idea that women experience fun by living to their sexual desires.

    That said, Black Opium Intense has a stronger and more striking scent that Black Opium. It uses a mix of sweet and floral fragrances. The top note of Black Opium Intense can be described as bewitching and is derived from blue absinthe and boysenberry. The middle note of this perfume can be described as darkly floral and comes from sambac jasmine, orange blossom. and black coffee. Lastly, the base note of this perfume is warm or sweet and is sourced from sandalwood, licorice, and vanilla.

    Pros of Black Opium Intense:

    • has a stronger smell than Black Opium
    • a version of Black Opium that married women will love

    Cons of Black Opium Intense:

    • too sexy for young women

    Why Buy This Perfume?

    • great perfume for awakening your partner's sexual drive

    Libre EDP

    4.Libre EDP (Freshness of A Woman's Youth):

    Libre is one of YSL's newest perfumes. YSL launched it in 2019. Libre showcases the genius of Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim. This perfume is a prelude of the journey towards womanhood. It symbolizes the fear, the anxiety, and the chaotic emotions that young women feel as they mature.

    This perfume begins with the awakening scent of mandarin orange, lavender, currant, and petitgrain. The summery and floral essence of jasmine, lavender, and orange blossom then follows. Finally, Libre concludes with sweetness and woodiness coming from a base note made out of Madagascar vanilla, cedar, ambergris, and musk.

    Pros of Libre EDP:

    • a perfume that makes you feel fresh
    • has a fragrance that's fruity and flowery at the same time

    Cons of Libre EDP:

    • the woody smell cedar and musk destroys the floral scent a bit

    Why Buy This Perfume?

    • great perfume for young women

    Paris EDT

    5.Paris EDT (Vibe of The Parisian Women):

    Sofia Grojsman created Paris in 1983. It's a perfume that gives tribute to the elegant, charming, vivacious, and adorable character of Parisian women. If you're looking for a perfume that instills the wonderful Parisian culture in mind, Paris EDT is on top of the list.

    This perfume is characterized by a floral and powdery scent. Paris has a classic flowery fragrance that remains unchanged even when new trends in perfume making have emerged. Simply, put this perfume imbues you with the scent of flowers that lasts for long.

    Pros of Paris EDT:

    • has a clean floral scent
    • a perfume that gives you a very feminine character

    Cons of Paris EDT:

    • might smell "old" for some users

    Why Buy This Product?

    • Paris can be used to reinforce the floral qualities of other perfumes

    Black Opium Nuit Blanche

    6.Black Opium Nuit Blanche (Night For Women Which Never Lasts):

    Black Opium Nuit blanche is another special edition of Black Opium. In a nutshell, it symbolizes the desire of women to look for pleasurable things that last for long. Black Opium doesn't fade easily and it doesn't need to be layered with other perfumes to last. Go for this if you're looking for a perfume that's great at the dance floor.

    This perfume's fragrance begins with the sweet and rich aroma of orange blossom and white musk. The bitter, floral, and spicy fragrances of bourbon pepper, silky smooth rice, black opium coffee, vanilla absolute, orange blossom absolute, and white musk then follows. These base notes make Black Opium Nuit Blanche special. They provide Black Opium Nuit Blanche with a long-lasting enticing impression for the senses.

    Pros of Black Opium Nuit Blanche:

    • has a very discernible smell
    • can stand on its own
    • can be used as a layer for black opium

    Cons of Black Opium Nuit Blanche:

    • not a great perfume for sleeping

    Why Buy This Perfume?

    • a perfume that gives out a dancy vibe
    • Uplifts your mood


    7.Yvresse (Women's Humbleness That Shines):

    Yvresse entered the market in 2011. It has the most concentrated fruity fragrance out of all YSL perfumes. Though fruity, Yvresse doesn't smell sour or sweet. Instead, it brings out the natural catchy scents of fruits used as its top note, middle note, and base note. Pick this one if you're looking for a perfume that smells very natural.

    This perfume gives you a humble image. Yvresse is perfect for job interviews and college entrance interviews.

    Pros of Yvress:

    • fruity but doesn't smell sour nor sweet

    Cons of Yvress:

    • has a fragrance that you'll get eventually tired of

    Why Buy This Perfume?

    • Yvresse is one of the best YSL perfumes for women that's not too noticeable but smells great nonetheless
    • A great perfume for job and college entrance interviews

    Mon Paris Floral EDP

    8.Mon Paris Floral EDP (A Fruity and Floral Touch):

    Mon Paris Floral EDP is a more dynamic or "colorful" version of the original Mon Paris.  A mix of floral and fruity fragrances resides with each vial of this perfume. Bear in mind that the original Mon Paris is very fruity. Mon Paris Floral EDP isn't like this. It features a floral essence too to give the floral smell a refreshing kick.

    This perfume uses fragrances coming from citruses, peach, datura, white rose, peony, patchouli, cashmere, etc. This perfume smells more mature than the original Mon Paris. Go for this one if Mon Paris smells too young for you.

    Pros of Mon Paris Floral EDP:

    • combines fruity and floral scents
    • has a mild fruity scent

    Cons of Mon Paris Floral EDP:

    • feels a bit hot when applied on the skin

    Why Buy This Perfume?

    • Mon Paris Floral is a more dynamic version of the original Mon Paris
    • Has a fragrance that's mature but not old

    River Gauche

    9.River Gauche (Women's Unfathomable Character):

    Michael Hy created this perfume in 1970. The name of this perfume translates to "Left Bank" in English. River Gauche symbolizes the unfathomable character that women have. Women can't be predicted. The same is also true for this perfume. River Gauche has a scent that varies in intensity from time to time. Go for this product if you're looking for a perfume that provides the nose with a kaleidoscopic experience.

    This product's fragrance alternates from floral to woody smells. You will love this if you're into perfumes that smell unique. There are times when musk and oakmoss dominates. Sometimes, the aldehyde is the most discernible smell. All in all, River Gauche is a very fun perfume that you shouldn't ignore.

    Pros of River Gauche:

    • very unique YSL perfume
    • great perfume when hanging out with peers

    Cons of River Gauche:

    • doesn't work well when applied to clothes

    Why Buy This Perfume?

    • River Gauche is a perfume that makes you look unfathomable or unpredictable.


    10. IN LOVE AGAIN (The Fragrance of Women's Life):

    It's common for women to be in love, get their hearts broken, and find someone that makes them in love again. In Love Again is a YSL perfume that represents this. It was created in 1998 by Jean Clause Ellena. This perfume has a fruity floral fragrance that starts weak but becomes stronger as time passes by. This product is perfect if you're into perfumes that don't have to be resprayed.

    Pros of In Love Again:

    • gets stronger the longer you wear it
    • lingers in the air for long
    • suits young and mature women

    Cons of In Love Again:

    • the floral and fruity fragrance becomes too overbearing

    Why Buy This Perfume?

    • In Love Again is a perfume that's highly sensitive to sweat

    Final Thoughts:

    YSL perfumes are great if you prefer fruity and floral fragrances. The YSL perfumes that I listed here smell very natural and don't have a tinge of alcohol. Aside from this, they might suit young and mature women.

    YSL perfumes all look great. All the products that I mentioned here are great gifts. Aside from giving you joy, the top 10 YSL perfume for her women that I discussed might also make others smile. What are you waiting for? Get one of them now and be part of YSL's gorgeous women.

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