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Which City is considered the perfume capital of the world?

Which City is considered the perfume capital of the world?

Question: Which City is considered the perfume capital of the world? Imagine going to a place where perfumers train their craft. A land where perfume making is revered as more than a craft but also an art. Whether you like to call it the utopia or Shangri-la of perfumers, it's incontestable that this place is a heaven for those who love to use or make perfumes. Consider this as the center of perfumery. A land where perfume is also one of the focal points of life. So which city is considered the perfume capital of the world? The place that you're looking for is hidden in the northern hills of Cannes - Grasse a small town, but a city when it comes to perfumes.
Let's explore a little about Grasse - the perfume capital of the world. I'll give you a brief discussion about why Grasse is the undebated center of perfume on Earth.

    What Is Grasse?

    Some say that the perfume capital in the world is France. However, this is wrong. The perfume capital is only in France. Grasse is a humble town that's northwest of luxurious Cannes and west-southwest from the second-largest city in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - Nice.

    Grasse is gifted with a climate that's not too cold nor too hot. Furthermore, the mountains and hills that surround it provide wonderful shelter against storms and typhoons. Also, Grasse's soil is filled with the essential nutrients that plants need to grow. As a result, jasmine and other flowers that are essential for perfumes grow lush and highly fragrant.

    About 50,000 people are living in Grasse right now. Of course, all of these people aren't perfumers. Some are businessmen, farmers, florists, etc. Nevertheless, the main source of income here for the government and people are perfumes. The fragrance companies in Grass, though owned by different nationalities, employ at least 20% of Grasse's population.

    Most of France's revenues from perfumes come from Grasse. Of course, this a mix of perfume ingredients and perfume finished products.

    But aside from perfumes, Grasse is also one of the leading producers of food flavoring.

    How Did Perfume Making Start In Grasse?

    How Did Perfume Making Start In Grasse?

    Grasse is the cradle of perfumes since the 16th century. But would you believe me if I say that it started with the odorous craft of leather making? Before perfumes, the people living in Grasse first made gloves and other leatherware for nobilities. However, nobles weren't very keen on its leather goods because they don't smell so good.

    As a result, people started to make scented leather products especially after the Medicis ignited the craze about scented gloves. In general, this is the driving force that allowed Grasse to enter the perfume industry in the past.

    How Many Perfumers Live In Grasse?

    I can't give you an exact number. But it's safe to say that lots of perfumers live or have visited Grasse. Perfumers go to Grasse to perfect the art and craft of perfume making. In Grasse, they learn from the local boutique stores how to distinguish various ingredients, mix fragrances, and make their signature perfumes.

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    A famous perfumer that came from Grasse is Ernest Beaux. Have you ever used the ever-famous Chanel no.5? You have to thank Ernest Beaux if ever you impressed people with that perfume.

    What Are Some of The Oldest Perfumeries in Grasse?

    What Are Some of The Oldest Perfumeries in Grasse?

    Here are the oldest perfumeries in Grasse that are still thriving well:

    • Galimard - Jean Galimard established this in 1747 and it specialized on ointments and perfumers for the nobles
    • Molinard - established in 1849 and specialized in perfumes that used Baccarat crystal and Lalique glass containers
    • Fragonard perfumery - established in 1926. You shouldn't miss its museum that showcases the timeline of perfume making in Grasse.


    The next time your friends ask you which city is considered the perfume capital fo the world, tell them to visit Grasse. It's a place where they can learn the secrets of perfume making. Also, Grasse is a great location for finding the best authentic perfume grade perfumes. Why? This is because Grasse, as the perfume capital of the world, will surely live to its name.

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