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How do you make perfume from flowers

How do you make perfume from flowers

How To Make Perfume From Flowers

Hello, Perfume Lovers our question is How do you make perfume from flowers Perfumes are the closest thing to magical substances. They can catch attention, intoxicate the mind, and even transform and individual. Yet, making perfumes isn't magic. If you know the basics, you can make your perfume from common ingredients such as flowers. That said, how do you make perfume from flowers?

Stay here if you want to learn. I'll be talking about the basic things that you need to know for making your very first DIY perfume.

    When Did Perfume Making Start?

    Perfume making goes back into the past. You can say that it's older than your mom, dad, or even the world war veterans living until today. People didn't make perfumes in the past for fashion. Instead, they crafted perfumes to make scented fires for religious ceremonies and rituals.

    The early Egyptians were one of the first civilizations to master the art and science of perfume making. They employed various techniques to get fragrances from flowers and other ingredients through pressing, decoction, pulverization, and maceration.

    Yep, perfumes might be the reason why Cleopatra got to seduce some of the most iconic leaders in roman history - Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

    In a nutshell, you shouldn't think that perfume making is hard. People from the past managed to do it without the use of advanced tools that we have today. So if they did it. you can too!

    Things That You Need To Learn Before Making Your Perfume:

    What's a Perfume Made Of?

    A perfume is a complex mixture of different substances. Chanel, Dior, and YSL perfumes are a combination of different secret substances that only their perfumers know. Nevertheless, perfumes are composed of three basic ingredients; a fragrance oil or aroma blend, solvent, and fixative.

    A fragrance oil or aroma blend is what gives your perfume the smell that it has. Lots of fragrance oils are derived from flowers. But there are other sources too. Other sources for fragrance oil or aroma blend are twigs, branches, seeds, and roots.

    There are also strange sources for fragrance oil or aroma blend. Quick trivia; rancid and putrid skunk spray is an ingredient in luxury-grade perfumes,

    A solvent is an ingredient that tones down the smell of fragrance oil or aroma blend. Also, it makes aroma blend or fragrance oil safer for the skin. Without solvents, the fragrance oil or aroma blend that a perfume has may cause allergies and other skin reactions.

    Perfume won't be complete without a fixative. It's an ingredient that preserves all the other substances in perfume. Furthermore, it's the ingredient that allows the perfume's smell to "stick around".

    What's A Top Note, Middle Note, and Base Note?

    What's A Top Note, Middle Note, and Base Note?

    Perfumers aren't musicians. That said, don't confuse the terms top note, middle note, and base note to musical terminologies. These are perfume terminologies that are handy for classifying what kind of character or vibe a perfume will have.

    For a quick run-through, the perfume's top note is the first fragrance that meets your nose upon spraying the perfume. The middle note is the fragrance that follows soon after the top note subsides. Lastly, the base note is the faint smell that lingers after you wear the perfume for some time.

    By the way, the formula for a basic perfume is like this; 20% bass notes, 50% middle note, and 30% top note.

    How To Make Perfumes From Flowers?

    Now that we're done with the basics, let's jump in and make your first perfume from flowers. Here are the ingredients that you need for your first DIY perfume.


    • lots of roses (for top note)
    • lots of jasmines and lavenders (for middle note)
    • sandalwood and vanilla commercial fragrance oil (for bass note)
    • a mixture of alcohol and water
    • fixative (optional)
    • oil (olive or sweet almond)

    Things That You Need:

    • 3 food storage bags
    • 3 small containers or jars
    • mixing container
    • container for perfume

    STEP 1: Extract The Fragrance Oil From Flower Petals First:

    You can't start making a DIY perfume without a fragrance oil. This is why you should make it before you start anything else. Extracting essential oil from flower petals is easy. Here's how you do this.

    1. Pick the rose, lavender, and jasmine petals and put them into separate food storage bags.
    2. Get a hard object and tap each storage lightly until the petals inside give out juice
    3. Transfer each petal separately to each container or jar and add an adequate amount of olive or sweet almond oil
    4. Let them soak for 2 days or more
    5. Take the pieces of petals from the containers and you're done
    By the way, you can also get fragrance oil through soaking. To do this, all you have to do is get 3 pieces cheesecloth and get three bowls. After this, line each bowl with a piece of cheesecloth. Once you're done, put the rose, lavender, and jasmine separately on each cheesecloth lined bowl.

    Pour boiling water on each cheesecloth lined bowl. Cover them with a lid so that the heat doesn't go away. Let the petals soak for 24 hours. The next day, squeeze the cheesecloth dry and you'll have the fragrance oil for your DIY perfume.

    Step 2: Mix The Fragrance Oils and With Other Ingredients:

    The fragrance oils from jasmine rose, and lavender is ready. It's time for you to mix them and with other ingredients to make your first perfume.

    Remember that you should mix them in this order; Bass note (20%), middle note (50%), and top note (30%). Without further ado, here's how to do this:

    1. mix a bit of vanilla and sandalwood essential oils then put them in the mixing container (20%)
    2. put the jasmine and lavender middle notes next (50%)
    3. follow this with the rose top note (30%)
    4. put a bit of alcohol to tone down the previous ingredients
    5. add a bit of fixative to make the smell last longer (optional)

    Step 3: Put the Mixture Into A Perfume Container and Think Of A Name:

    You're done after doing step 2. All you have to do afterward is to put the mixture in a perfume container and think of a name. Thinking of a name for your DIY perfume will give it character and uniqueness. Since what I taught you to make is a DIY floral perfume, you should think about a feminine name that briefly describes the power of rose, jasmine, and lavender.

    El Amor is a good name for me because I love Spanish.


    Making for the first time is easy. All that you need is to familiarize the ingredients and composition of a perfume. The next time that your friends ask you "how do you make a perfume from flowers?", just teach them what I taught here. Surely, they will find you impressive and cool.

    What I taught here are the basics of perfume making. If you successfully made a good perfume with my instructions, then you might have potential. That said, don't stop learning because you might be the next great perfumer that Chanel, Dior, YSL, or Dolce and Gabanna is looking for.

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