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How to Make a Temporary Tattoo with Perfume (Complete Guide)

Temporary Tattoo with Perfume

How to Make a Temporary Tattoo with Perfume

Everyone can wear a tattoo - if they're at the right age. That being said, you can argue with the tattoo artist all day. But I assure you that he or she won't give your skin the art that it deserves if you're underage. Western countries have strict regulations about tattoos on minors. This is the reason why tattoo artists always fuss about age before they do their jobs. If you're underage, a temporary tattoo is a good option until you get eligible for a permanent one. So today, I'm gonna teach you how to make a temporary tattoo with perfume.

That's right! Making a temporary Tatto is possible with perfumes. I'll talk about the best way to do it, how to make it safe, why it's possible, how long it lasts, and much more.

    What Started The Craze About Temporary Tattoos?

    You have Tik Tok to thank for the popularity of temporary tattoos. The practice of making a temporary tattoo isn't new actually. But it was Tik Tok who made it popular recently. It showed a lot of youth that a temporary perfume tattoo is easy as pie.

    There are lots of video tutorials in Tik Tok. However, it might be better for you to read tutorials like this. Written tutorials will provide you with the complete details on the safety methods and risks about how to make a temporary tattoo at home with perfume.

    What Kinds of Perfumes Are The Best?

    Any kind of perfume will do. Nevertheless, I think it will be overkill if you use an expensive Chanel, YSL, or Dior perfumes. For a temporary tattoo, a 10 dollar or 20 dollars kiddie perfume will do. Just be sure that it has a lot of ethanol or alcohol. Alcohol makes the ink stick on your skin. That said, using a perfume that has a lot of oil and less ethanol will only leave your skin with a messy looking tattoo.

    EDT, EDP, and parfum - all of these will work.

    What Are The Risks?

    In a nutshell, you don't have to worry about putting a temporary tattoo on your skin with a perfume. It's 99% percent safe. So far, I didn't find any online reports saying that temporary tattoos gave people rashes, burns, and other allergic reactions.

    Still, it's better to be safe than sorry. Here are some of the risks that a temporary perfume tattoo might have.

    Allergic Reactions:

    Allergic reactions are possible. The mix of ink and perfume might irritate your skin. As a result, you might suffer from screen rashes, itchiness, burns, etc.


    You might be planning to put a temporary tattoo over a scar. However, I suggest that you don't do it. The cells that comprise a scar are highly sensitive to foreign substances such as dust, ink, alcohol. etc. As a result, it might swell if you attempt to put a temporary tattoo over.

    Skin Diseases:

    Sometimes, an allergic reaction becomes too severe. When left untreated, this may lead to skin problems such as eczema. Eczema might make your skin red, watery, and itchy. Still, eczema and other skin conditions are treatable with professional help.

    Again, the risks that I said are only possibilities. Temporary tattoos are 100% percent safe given that your skin is healthy.

    Temporary Tattoo Ideas

    Temporary Tattoo Ideas:

    Some of the most common images for temporary tattoos are flowers. A rose temporary tattoo looks good, but I think that it will look plain because many are already wearing it. In this section, I'll give you a few badass ideas for your first temporary tattoo. Don't skip this part because all the images that I'll show here carry a significant meaning.

    Idea #1: Ouroboros Tattoo

    The Ouroboros is an image or an illustration that carries the message, "one is all, all is one". It might also mean rebirth, a cycle, or infinity. The first meaning of the Ouroboros that I stated traces back to the hermetic philosophies in alchemy. That is all things in this world are all a part of a greater entity that made the laws that govern nature, life, and death.

    Idea #2: Demonic Insignias

    People believe that demonic insignias or symbols can conjure demons. This is the reason why some occult societies learn them by heart, Some amulets bear demonic insignias to work. However, it's still debated whether or not demonic insignias have actual magic. Still, demonic insignias are good as tattoos. Who knows? you might get a demon to do your bidding.

    A demonic insignia that I love is that of Lucifer's. For other insignias, you might want to read the Lesser Key of Solomon.

    How To Make A Tatto With Perfume?

    How To Make A Tatto With Perfume?

    It's time to make your first temporary tattoo! Before I teach you how, you have to get these materials first:
    • thin tracing paper
    • printer if you want to print the design; pencil or pen in case you want to draw the design
    • high ethanol perfume
    • a tiny stick or with a pointed end or a small chopstick
    • baby powder

    Step 1: Draw or Print The Image For The Temporary Tattoo

    Printing is easy. All you have to do is to choose an image that's easy to outline then print it on the tracing paper. Drawing is a little tricky. So here's how you should do it.

    1. Find a flat surface that you can draw the tracing paper on
    2. Start drawing the image for the temporary tattoo using pencil or pen (I know that pencil can't be used to make a temporary tattoo, but you need to use it in combination with a pen if you can't draw well)
    3. Trace the finished drawing with a pen (this is optional and you won't have to do this if you drew with a pen right off the bat)
    4. Ensure that the image was thickly drawn or traced with ink ( you have to ensure that it's thick for the tattoo to look good)

    Step 2: Wet The Tracing Paper With Perfume

    Wetting the tracing paper with perfume will allow you to transfer its image on your skin. Here's how you should do this:

    1. Get high alcohol or high ethanol perfume
    2. Spray it generously on the surface of the paper
    3. Continue to do so until the tracing paper is moderately wet (stop spraying as soon as the tracing paper becomes too transparent)

    Step 3: Putting The Temporary Tattoo On Your Skin

    As soon as you're done wetting the tracing paper with perfume, you should put it immediately on your arm or any other exposed part of your body. However, do it carefully so that it won't rip. After putting it, it's time to transfer its image on your skin. Here's how you should do this:

    1. Get the small chopstick
    2. Trace the image that you drew on the tracing paper (remember to trace gently so that the paper won't rip)
    3. Continue tracing until the image on the tracing paper fades a bit
    4. remove the tracing paper then sprinkle your skin with baby powder (the baby powder acts as a fixative).



    Learning how to make a temporary tattoo with perfume is very advantageous. It will allow you to give yourself flare at parties or any other social gatherings. Also, you can employ this at plays, dramas, and stage shows. Making a temporary perfume tattoo might even give you a source of income. It's because your peers will be more than willing to give you 10 dollars for a cool art on their skin.

    Simply put, making a temporary tattoo won't only make you look special. It helps you build an important skill set that will be useful if you're about to pursue a career that's related to tattoo making.

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