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Why is Creed Perfume so Expensive

Why is Creed Perfume so Expensive

Reasons Why Creed Perfume so Expensive?

Why is Creed Perfume So Expensive? Many people want to know why is creed perfume so expensive. Can perfumes be as prestigious as diamonds? Absolutely! Particular perfume brands are more pricey than your Dolce and Gabbana or Dior Perfumes. A good example is the Creed. But why is Creed perfume so expensive? Let's find out.

Creed perfume is a symbol of prestige, wealth, and grandeur.  Perfumes from Creed have steep price tags and not many can afford them. Don't believe me? That's perfectly fine, but you should know that even the smallest bottle of Creed perfume sells for $500 or even more.

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Here are some of the probable reasons why Creed perfumes' prices are very steep. By the way, these reasons explain why Creed perfumes are great value for money even though they're expensive.

    1. Creed Is a Very Established Perfume Brand:

    James Henry Creed started Creed in the 1760s. It was originally a tailoring establishment that made various fashion commodities to Londoners. Later on, Creed made fragrances and entered the perfume industry.

    Even back then, Creed was not a no-name perfume manufacturer. King George III was one of Creed's firsts high profile clients. Without him, Creed's first perfume, the classic Royal English Leather, wouldn't have been born. As the name implies, this perfume has a slight tinge of leathery smell that's soothing.

    Also, you should know that Creed perfumes we're not available to the public till the 1970s. This means that from 1760 to 1970, Creed perfumes were only enjoyed by nobles and aristocrats living in Europe. Simply put, Creed fragrances were exclusive for the wealthy in the past.

    In summary, Creed has the right to make its perfumes expensive because it has built prestigious status and fame that continues to exist until today.

    2. Creed Uses The Primordial Methods in Perfume Making:

    Creed has been making perfumes for 250 years. As a result, the House of Creed has developed perfume-making techniques only known to it. Creed might have trained its perfumers and doesn't commission independent ones.

    Not much is known about how Creed makes its perfumes. However, it can be inferred that most of the techniques that it employs to perfume making are century old. This means that Creed perfumes are crafted using the best practices in perfume making in the past that aren't falling out of trend until now.

    3. Creed Perfumes Are Not Redundant:

    No two Creed perfumes are the same. Each bottle of perfumes that Creed makes has its own story, character, and vibe. Perfumes that Creed makes are associated with a cool, warm, juicy, aromatic, floral, spicy, or sweet smell. Only a single perfume may showcase these smells and this is why Creed is very unique compared to other perfume brands.

    The great thing about Creed perfume is that if one is already spicy, you have to expect that no other Creed perfumes will have the same scent or character. That said certain fragrances are unique to a particular Creed Perfume. As a result, every purchase of various Creed perfumes is a new journey for the nose.

    4.High Attention To Detail:

    Using synthesized materials is a Taboo for Creed. This is why its perfumes are sourced from natural organic materials. All fragrance oils used in Creed are derived using natural means. As a result, Creed perfumes are highly concentrated and lasts for long. Furthermore, they don't have a tinge of alcoholic smell.

    What Are The Most Expensive Creed Perfumes?

    Here are some of the most expensive Creed perfumes that might be intrigued to try:

    • Creed Royal Service - 150 ml of this perfume costs $1760
    • Creed Aventus for males and females- A 1000 ml of this perfume costs $1600

    • Creed Aqua Fiorentina- A 500 ml bottle of this perfume costs $955

    • Creed Irish Tweed - the biggest size of this perfume costs $1455

    Are Creed Perfumes Worth The Price?

    Creed Perfumes are worth the price. EDT's, EDP's, and perfumes from Creed might be more fragrant than other cheaper luxury perfume brands in the market. If you have the money, Creed perfumes are worth the try. They're pricey but they give you the fragrance that's fitting for a queen or king.

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