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10 Perfume that smells like vanilla (For Man)

10 Perfume that smells like vanilla

The perfume that smells like vanilla isn't always the best. Nevertheless, find the right vanilla perfume and your nose won't let you disregard it. Commonly, vanilla fragrances have a sweet and creamy character. Add a bit of spice or woody aroma and they become erotic and intoxicating. If you have trouble understanding what I mean, then let me put it the other way; Vanilla fragrances simply smells delicious. So are vanilla perfumes great for men? Of course, silly! The right vanilla perfume can bring manliness to a whole different level. Here the top 10 best vanilla perfume for men.

    1.Byredo - Inez & Vinoodh EDP

    Inez & Vinoodh EDP launched in 2013. The top notes are juniper and berries. After this fruity and floral top note is the strong floral accents of iris and violets. Before the floral smell becomes too powerful, the woody and creamy base note of vanilla, amber, patchouli, and leather come in to provide the nose a sense of relief.

    This perfume emphasizes the base notes. Therefore, expect that you might miss the subtle entrance of the top and middle notes. From application up until it starts to wear, Inez & Vinoodh EDP showcases the creamy scent of vanilla, the warm smell of leather. and the woody smell of amber and patchouli.


    • base note heavy perfume and gets stronger as time passes
    • sets quickly on the skin
    • doesn't smell very floral or fruity


    • vanilla smell needs more depth
    • top note and middle note aren't discernible

    Reasons To Buy 

    • very consistent perfume
    • uses floral ingredients but doesn't smell feminine at all

    2.D.S & Durga - White Peacock Lily

    David Seth Moltz created this perfume that launched in 2016. The idea behind this perfume is to mix fruity-floral accents with creamy accents. White Peacock Lily enters the nose with a slightly fruity and floral character. After this, it mellows down to the buttery combination of vanilla and musk mallow.

    This perfume might smell feminine at first. However, it transitions to becoming masculine as time passes by. Compared to the first product, White Peacock Lily has a stronger top note and middle note.


    • very creamy or buttery perfume
    • has a slight hint of fruity and floral smells
    • a unisex perfume that smells like vanilla


    • needs time to set before smelling manly
    • not the best men's perfume for instant use

    Reasons to Buy 

    • very safe item to buy for gifting
    • versatile perfume

    3.Guerlain - Spiritueuse Double Vanille EDP

    Manufacturers marketed this product as a fragrance for women. Nevertheless, online reviews say that it suits men as well.  Spiritueuse Double Vanille has a very creamy vanilla smell, and it might remind you of the fresh pastries in a bakery. Simply, put this perfume has a straightforward vanilla fragrance that men and women will love.

    There's also a slight peppery fragrance that accompanies the smell of vanilla. As a result. Spiritueuse Double Vanille smells slightly intoxicating and deep.


    • has a spicy vanilla smell
    • great perfume for mature men and women


    • originally a perfume for women with flowery accents but hardly smells floral at all
    • might smell like tobacco when used for the first time

    Reasons to Buy 

    • uses a very intuitive perfume bottle
    • can be stored on warm locations in the bedroom

    4.Rasasi - Qasamat Bareeq

    Rasasi's Qasamat Bareeq brings a whole new meaning to the magical smell that vanilla brings. This perfume fuses European, Asian, and African ingredients to showcase a slight vanilla-like fragrance that smells fresh, sunny, and oriental. Top notes are Tagete flower, orange, green apple, Artemisia, Middle notes are chamomile, violet, clove, rose, and saffron. Base notes are musk, leatherwood, patchouli, vetiver, etc.

    Qasamat Bareeq's vanilla accord is more unique than that of Guerlain's -Spiriteuse Double Vanille EDP. However, I can't say that it's better.


    • has a slight sunny vanilla-like smell
    • uses lots of wood accords but doesn't smell very woody


    • doesn't use vanilla as the main ingredient
    • unisex perfume but more ideal for men

    Reasons to Buy 

    • has a vanilla-like smell that's not very noticeable but lasts for long
    • uses a very compact perfume bottle

    5.Parfums De Marly - Layton

    If you're looking for vanilla-scented perfumes with smells that justify the price, Layton is one of the best options.  Layton has a clean vanilla smell that emerges as soon as it's applied. There's also a slight hint of oriental and spicy accords that accompany the creaminess of vanilla. In a nutshell, Layton smells cleaner and more luxurious than Rarasi's Qasama Bareeq.


    • the very clean and luxurious vanilla smell
    • uses a vanilla fragrance paired with fresh accords


    • a bit pricey
    • the projection for the spicy and oriental scents needs improvement

    Reasons to Buy 

    • the perfume for all seasons
    • a very hot perfume among enthusiasts at present

    6.Carner Barcelona - El Born EDP

    Carner Barcelona's El Born EDP takes the creamy essence of vanilla to a whole new level. This perfume features a vanilla fragrance that smells citrusy and sweet. Some users even describe the character perfume as "embued with the wondrous aroma of honey". El Born EDP feels a bit warm yet fresh at the same time.

    This product isn't very luxurious compared to Layton. However, the smells of its accords improve the longer it's stored.


    • made from natural ingredients
    • smells better as it ages
    • citrusy and sweet vanilla perfume


    • might smell too sweet for some
    • has a slight tinge of alcohol

    Reasons to Buy 

    • great perfume for summer
    • great perfume for layering with sour-smelling perfumes

    7.Tom Ford - Tobacco Vanille

    Tobacco Vanille takes vanilla fragrance into a more mature and sophisticated territory. Users describe this perfume as creamy, smokey, and woody at the same time. This characteristic comes from the combination of vanilla, tonka beans, tobacco blossom, and cacao. Other significant ingredients are woody and spicy accords.

    This perfume is almost the polar opposite of the base note heavy Inez and Vinoodh EDP. Tobacco Vanille puts more emphasis on the middle notes and you can smell them immediately after spraying.


    • vanilla perfume for elderly men
    • middle note heavy perfume


    • marketed as a perfume for men and women, but it's the smokey smell might be too much for females
    • base notes are weak

    Reasons to Buy 

    • great perfume for winter
    • ideal perfume as a gift for dads

    8.Armaf - Club Nuit De Intense

    Armaf's Club Nuit De Intense combines citrus accords with creamy vanilla fragrance. Thus, this product might be the freshest smelling a perfume that smells like vanilla on this list. Club Nuit De Intense emphasizes the cooling effect that vanilla can give when combined with the right ingredients. Fragrances that give this perfume a refreshing afterglow are lemon, black currant, apple, bergamot, and pineapple.


    • vanilla perfume with a refreshing smell
    • an affordable vanilla perfume that uses a premium looking perfume bottle


    • the combination of citrus accords and vanilla needs more balance
    • top note is a bit violating for the nose

    Reasons to Buy 

    • great perfume for summer and spring
    • ideal perfume for layering with sweet or floral perfumes

    9.Emporio Armani - Stronger With You

    Emporio Armani's Stronger with you features a mouth-watering vanilla fragrance. It begins with floral and spicy top notes and a hearty sage middle note. Nevertheless, it's the base notes that make this perfume magical. The combination of crystallized chestnuts and vanilla is simply divine. It provides this perfume with a sweet and creamy scent that your nose will long for now and then.

    In terms of balance, this perfume beats Armaf's Club Nuit De Intense.


    • very balanced perfume
    • uses striking spicy top note


    • smells very nice but needs improvement in longevity
    • the sage middle faint smells faint

    Reasons to Buy

    • great as couple perfume because it has a female a version called "because it's you"
    • uses a very sleek perfume bottle

    10.Miller Harris -Tender

    Tender is a very deep vanilla perfume. This might be due to the wide variety of ingredients that perfumer Bertrand Duchauflour used for its base. Base notes for Tender are vanilla, leather, musk, woody accords, styrax, olibanum, and patchouli. To describe, the deep vanilla scent of this product easily permeates the air but does so subtly.


    • only needs a little application to take effect
    • doesn't run out quickly
    • has a deep yet tender smell


    • not the ideal perfume for layering

    Reasons to Buy 

    • great perfume for humid seasons
    • great perfume for meditation


    The perfume that smells like vanilla isn't only for females but for males too. The sweetness and creaminess of vanilla are useful for bringing out the fresh, smokey, or woody accords of other ingredients. That said, don't hesitate to try the 10 Best vanilla perfume for men at least once. You can also check the products here if you're a woman. It's because some of the items on my list are unisex. To end, vanilla perfumes are worth the try if you're becoming tired of using perfumes that revolve around citrusy, fruity, or woody fragrances.

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