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Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume (Review)

Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume (EDT For Women) Review

Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume (Review)

For lots of women Blue’ as the Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume EDT for women is popularly known as has been a staple perfume since its launch in 2005. A generation of young women has grown wearing this magnificent floral fragrance. No wonder it’s an all-time favorite for many women across the globe.

Women find this a little salty and citrus but not sharp. It is sophisticated and sexy. It can be worn both as a daytime or nighttime perfume. Wearing it on special occasions such as on a date, at weddings, and on anniversaries is more popular. But many of you would not mind wearing it on a dull and languid day.


    The tops notes have sweet and fresh florals — gardenia (capable of inducing sleep), lotus, peony, jasmine, and lily. The heart notes are a bit complex as your daytime could be sometimes. It has rich carnal tuberose, orange blossom, and rose, de Mai. The finishing notes are loaded with sensuality and that comes from animalic fragrance musk, sandalwood, ambrette seed, oakmoss, and vetiver. It’s subtle and it has layers of sensuous feelings.


    Women have been crazy about Ralph Lauren Blue buying repeatedly and sometimes going for the bigger bottles. It is an absolutely great addition to your makeup paraphernalia. Its soft water lily fragrance is an absolute must for summer.

    Ralph Lauren Blue is an aquatic fragrance that smells fresh with delicate and blended florals. It’s a perfect scent to pass the day with, working, or simply frolicking around.


    The first time a woman put on Blue’ was 15 years ago. That means many of you were in your schools. For all these years, Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume EDT for women review has never got any downgrade. It’s still a perfume that most women reach out to grab it. It has a musky and manly hint but that’s what you like about it.

    For many of you, it may have been handed down to you by your mom. And, you get the compliment every time you wear it. Some of you have worn on your first date and years later your husband brings it on every anniversary. There is something very powerful about it. It smells amazingly sensual.

    When you wear Ralph Lauren Blue fragrance EDT for women, people are bound to pester you with questions like what perfume you are wearing. You will be surprised how people are able to smell it even from far. This is not the kind of perfume that will shout at people from a distance. Even if you go wearing this to someone who is allergic to scent, he or she may not even comment or react to it. It’s so subtle and soothing.


    • Modern, well-designed perfume
    • Subtle, clean, fresh, & sensuous
    • Not spicy, not sweet, not loud
    • Enhances a woman’s charm & appeal
    • Good for daytime, date-night


    • It has been out of stock for some time
    • It can be too mild and subtle on some occasions


    • It is fresh and flirty, perfect go-to perfume for every day or date-night
    • You can wear it on your date as well as on your wedding, subtle & sensuous
    • It lasts really long, and lingers on much beyond you have forgotten it
    • It’s very light on the skin yet it feels fresh and captivating


    In our Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume EDT for Women Review, we have found that this is the only scent many women have all their life. In fact, many of them have bought the first edition of the perfume way back in 2005 and have remained hooked to it all through the last 15 years. For a brief period, it has been out of stock possibly because its production was halted. Many customers have penned sad reviews about its absence from the market and how they miss it.

    Ralph Lauren Blue fragrance EDT for women is a floral fragrance of a different higher league. It’s fresh with brisk notes of peony, lilac, lotus flower, rose, and tuberose. Its mid notes are gardenia, jasmine, and Muguet and it closes on musk, sandalwood, and amber, a combination of sensuous animalic fragrances. It’s well worth the buy. Go for it.

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