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Bleu De Chanel EDT vs EDP (vs Parfum)

Bleu De Chanel EDT vs EDP vs Parfum Review

Bleu De Chanel EDT vs EDP (vs Parfum)

Hello, Chanel Lovers want to know Bleu De Chanel EDT vs EDP vs Parfum? People consider Chanel perfumes as one of the most luxurious product lines in the market today. Each Chanel perfume helps users bring out the best of themselves. The packaging, the smell, and even the names of the Chanel perfumes are crafted to perfection. A perfume that's making a lot of noise lately aside from the Chanel no. 5 is the Bleu De Chanel. This perfume was created by Jacques Polge. Since its release in 2010, Bleu de Chanel has been a favorite perfume of men and women. Right now this perfume has three varieties: EDP, EDT, and Parfum.

I'm pretty sure that you're curious about which is better among the three. That said, stay here and read my review on bleu de chanel edt vs edp vs parfum.you can also check my review on Dior Sauvage

    Bleu De Chanel: EDT, EDP and Parfum Review

    1.Bleu de Chanel EDT

    You may consider Bleu de Chanel EDT as the oldest sibling of Bleu de Chanel EDP and Parfum. This was the very first variety that was released in 2010. Bleu de Chanel caters to the taste of younger men. It has a smell that's deep but not too mature.

    To be specific, woody and aromatic fragrance personify Bleu de Chanel EDT. As you spray it, the fruity smell of grapefruit meets the nose. The smell of mint and lemon accompanies this. As a result, the very first application of Bleu de Chanel EDT captivates the mind with a very fresh opening.

    Following the fruity aroma are the woody smells of sandalwood, vetiver, and cedar. This heart of woody fragrances allows Bleu de Chanel EDT to give the user a deep yet not very mature personality. The woody smell of Blue de Chanel EDT blends well with the fruity aroma of the top note.

    Bleu de Chanel EDT isn't very strong. However, it's the perfect perfume to use with casual wear.

    Pros of Bleu de Chanel EDT

    • has a very fresh and captivating smell
    • the cheapest Blue de Chanel variety
    • perfect for young men
    • great for users with a sensitive nose

    Cons of Bleu de Chanel EDT

    • bulky perfume bottle
    • not the perfume for elderly men
    • the top note might be too fruity for some users

    Why Buy Bleu De Chanel EDT?

    • having this product and using it for a while will help you understand how Bleu de Chanel EDP and Parfum developed

    2.Bleu de Chanel EDP

    The Bleu de Chanel EDP came after Bleu de Chanel EDT. Compared to the burst of the fruity and citrusy opening of the Bleu de Chanel EDT, Bleu de Chanel EDP's opening scent is milder or weaker. However, its smell is less citrusy and its middle note is much stronger. Thus, Bleu de Chanel EDP might last longer than Bleu de Chanel EDT.

    The top note of Bleu de Chanel isn't very impressive. It features a faint burst of citrusy and fruity smell that fades rather quickly. However, the heart of Bleu de Chanel EDP is very satisfying. It allows you to experience the wondrous smell that amber can give. To describe, the middle fragrance of Bleu de Chanel EDP is domineering and soothes the senses.

    Bleu de Chanel EDP Has a slightly calming effect. Thus, I recommend that you wear this for dates and get-togethers.

    Pros of Bleu de Chanel EDP

    • calming men's perfume
    • mild opening scent
    • a middle fragrance that lasts for long
    • doesn't smell sour

    Cons of Bleu de Chanel EDP

    • bulky perfume bottle
    • needs to have a stronger top note

    Why Buy This Perfume?

    • perfume with a calming effect and great to be worn if your profession requires you to deal with various people
    • great for dates and get-togethers
    • great perfume for aromatherapy

    3.Bleu de Chanel Parfum

    Bleu de Chanel Parfum is the latest version of Bleu de Chanel. You can say that it's the youngest sibling of the Bleu de Chanel EDT and Blue de Chanel EDP. Bleu de Chanel Parfum embodies perfection. It steers away from the citrusy smell that Bleu de Chanel EDP and EDT has. In a nutshell, Bleu de Chanel Parfum is a new interpretation of the Bleu de Chanel EDT and EDP though it's not necessarily better.

    Bleu de Chanel Parfum mixes manly and feminine scent. It opens with an absolute fruity smell. There's no hint of sourness or zestiness the moment you apply this on your skin. The heart of Bleu de Chanel Parfum is woodier than the Bleu de Chanel EDT and EDP. Even though very woody, its smell isn't violating because it features creaminess that's invigorating.

    Many say that Bleu de Chanel Parfum is a more intense version of Bleu de Chanel EDT and EDP. However, this isn't the case for me. I think that Bleu de Chanel Parfum just makes the scent of Bleu de Chanel EDT and EDP more feminine.

    Pros of Bleu de Chanel Parfum:

    • very fruity
    • doesn't smell sour
    • very woody and creamy middle fragrance
    • very noticeable perfume and lasts for long

    Cons of Bleu de Chanel Parfum

    • might be too feminine for some
    • needs to have a slightly zesty or citrusy scent to make more appeal

    Why Buy This Perfume?

    • great as a gift. Bleu de Chanel Parfum is unisex so you won't have to worry about the gender of the person who receives it.

    Comparison: Bleu de Chanel EDT vs EDP vs Parfum

    Perfume Bottle

    The EDT, EDP, and Parfum versions of Bleu de Chanel comes in 100.6-milliliter (3.4 FL.Oz) perfume bottles. Thus, no variations of Bleu de Chanel is bigger than the other. In terms of design, the EDT and EDP versions are pretty similar. They use a glossy black bottle with very sexy edges.

    The perfume bottle of the Parfum version is more attractive than the previous two. Manufacturers engraved the name "Bleu de Chanel" with a slightly golden hue. Note that the EDT and EDP versions only use a perfume bottle with white engravements. As a result, the look of their perfume bottle doesn't hold a candle to the perfume bottle of the Bleu de Chanel Parfum.


    Bleu de Chanel EDT is the most affordable. In contrast, Bleu de Chanel Parfum is the most expensive. Compared with these, Bleu de Chanel EDP has a price that sits in the gray area between expensive perfume and cheap perfume.

    If you're a student, I suggest that you buy Bleu de Chanel EDT. Its fragrance provides you with a young and outgoing character. On the other hand, you should opt for Bleu de Chanel EDP if you're working right now. It gives you a sensible and mature aura that people love.

    In connection, you shouldn't be afraid of trying Bleu de Chanel Parfum even it's expensive. It's a good perfume to be worn for special occasions.


    You should go for Bleu de Chanel EDT if you're looking for a perfume that's strong at the beginning but mellows at the end. This perfume has a fruity and zesty burst on its top note and will be good for keeping yourself cool during warm days.

    On the other hand, Bleu de Chanel EDP is great as a perfume that will make you smell nice throughout the day. It lasts long. Furthermore, it's middle fragrance and base fragrance are very noticeable.

    Lastly, you should get Blue de Chanel Parfum if you're looking for a perfume that goes for all gender. Its creamy and woody scent caters to the needs of women and men.


    The EDT, EDP, and Parfum versions of Bleu de Chanel have their perks. Thus, I can't say that one is better than the other. All I'm sure is that Bleu de Chanel EDT, EDP, and Parfum smells nice. To pick the best one, try to consider your personal preferences when it comes to fragrances. This concludes our discussion about Bleu De Chanel EDT vs EDP vs Parfum. Come back for more reviews.

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