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Victoria Secret Bombshell Perfume (EDP Review)

Victoria Secret Bombshell Perfume (EDP Review)

A right perfume can provide you the right fragrance and elevate your spirits all day long. Victoria's Secret is a popular feminine brand for several American women. It is a commercial brand for lingerie and perfumes. Most of the people think that this brand Victoria’s Secret is obviously known for its lingerie and impressive designed perfume bottles. You will find their outlet in almost every mall in America. It's considered a pleasurable luxury to have Victoria's Secret perfumes in your vanity. One such amazing perfume is Bombshell ED perfume. Let's take a look at Victoria Secret Bombshell Perfume EDP Review.

    About the Perfume (Bombshell EDP Perfume)

    This perfume is playful, feminine, sexy, flirty yet mild, light, and fruity in fragrance. Bombshell EDP is a top-selling and top one perfume at Victoria's secret. The bottle is designed to be in direct reference to the pink striped iconic bag. It is a brand hero perfume that is loved by many.

    Victoria's Secret Bombshell EDP has a lovely fragrance. It lasts long, spreading its fragrance around. It has a soft smell that suits your wear both morning and evening. It is good to wear at any time of the day. It has decent size packaging and so can be carried along with you in your purse or an office bag. This perfume is also good for the workplace.

    Fragrances incorporated

    • Passion Fruit- Purple
    • Vanilla Orchid
    • Shangri-La Peony

    Key Features of Bombshell EDP

    • It is packed with white florals that blend to give a different but unique smell. This sterile floral blend smells effervescent, soap, and like a soapy bubble bath.
    • The fragrance of the perfume is non-shattering and in a solid standard.
    • You will feel the fragrance of this perfume to be fruits, vanilla base, and floral blend. It appears as if the core point is peony with a depth of passion fruit, and to smooth it, the addition of vanilla is given to it. The result is Bombshell EDP.
    • It is comfortable for wearing any time of the year or day or time.
    • It is most amenable for archivists and newbies.
    • It is long-lasting and so ideal for regular social meets.
    • It comes in a gorgeous pink emerald-cut perfume bottle.
    • It is easy to carry out in your office bag or purse.


    Bombshell EDP comes in a glossy hot light pink colored bottle. The bottle is matte striped with a black ribbon tied around the bottleneck giving a Victorian touch to it. Bearing its brand name on the front, the bottle is packed in a high-quality box. The cap is plastic of high quality that closes by a click.

    Fragrance Blend

    Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume is an award-winning and all-time favorite for many. The fragrance is floral and fruity. It has purple passion on the top notes, Shangri-la peony as mid-notes, and vanilla orchid as its foundation notes in its fragrance. The floral scent is feminine, elevating, and playful.

    The longevity of the Fragrance

    The perfume remains in its power for about 5 to 6 hours. It is best to be sprint on your moisturizer. People are sure to compliment you of the mild and light smell. Wear it to your office parties, social clubs, friendly meetings, and anytime.

    Using Victoria's Secret Bombshell ED Perfume-Hold the Bombshell perfume about 8 to 10 centimeters off your body. Mist it on your pulse areas such as inner wrists, ears, behind knees, armpits, neck, and so on.

    Victoria Secret Bombshell Perfume (EDP Review)

    Pros of Bombshell EDP

    • Soft smell and not too overpowering fragrance
    • Fruity floral fragrance
    • Light and mild
    • Worn at any time of the day/year.
    • Iconic packaging in an octagonal pinkish bottle.
    • Award-winning perfume
    • Longer lasting over your favorite moisturizer
    • It is packed in an octagonal stripped pink bottle. 
    • The perfume is sealed in a beautiful bottle.
    • It has a fruity fragrance.
    • It elevates your mood and spirit.
    • Keeps the odor away.
    • The fragrance remains long.

    Cons of Bombshell EDP

    • The power fades with time leaving a slight aroma behind.
    • Expensive
    • It is on the expensive side.

    Bottom line

    Victoria's Secret Bombshell Perfume EDP is certainly recommended to all because of its key features. From the above Victoria Secret Bombshell Perfume EDP Review, it is certainly a unique vanity addition to your perfume stash. It has a fruity-floral aroma that stays good for about six hours. The packaging is a designer and the brand is the leading one. The perfume has a uniqueness to it that you are bound to cling to. The price is worth the product and the brand name. Wear Bombshell EDP any time of the day or year from Victoria's Secret for the royal touch of fragrance.

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