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Guess Perfume For Women (Top 10 Best) Review

Guess Perfume For Women (Top 10 Best)

Hello Guess Lovers Welcome to the Review 10 Best Guess Perfume for Women Review. Guess is a company that's born from the efforts of the Marciano brothers - Armand, George, Maurice, and Paul. The very first perfume that Guess released was Original perfume. It's a perfume that featured a floral heart packed with a strong woody appeal from the base notes when used. Fragrances that Guess made for women are very dynamic. They feature various scents that appeal to different age groups. Guess men's fragrances are equally good. Their smells range from dominating, warm, soft, to gentle smells.

This article is what you need if you're a Guess lady. Our discussion for today will be about a 10 Best Guess Perfume for Women Review. Without further ado, let's cut the chitchat and see the first item on the list.

1.Guess Girl EDT

Guess has been making products that bring out the seductive and youthful vibe of women for many years. That's why it decided to make a perfume that personifies the image of its products in general. Guess Girl is a perfume that women shouldn't ignore. It has this playful fragrance that easily intrigues the nose.

This perfume greets you with the youthful accents of raspberry, melon, and bergamot. After this, the mildly sexy character of floral notes comes in. The most striking feature of the floral middle note is the creamy and colorful accents of tuberose and white lily. The base note is quite good. It features a woody and creamy smell that reminds you of a traditional Italian bakery.

I can say that this perfume has good dry down. The top note and middle note have good individual longevity before the base note comes in. Furthermore, I love the fact that the base note has this gourmand character which is rare in women's perfume.

By the way, I suggest that you get the gift set version of this product. The gift set version is a good choice because it has a cleaner smell and comes with additional perks.

Pros of Guess Girl

  • Has a seductive yet youthful touch
  • Feels comfortable on the skin and reacts well with sweat
  • Smells similar to Curious and Paris Hilton perfumes

 Cons of Guess Girl

  • The mandarin accent isn't noticeable

 Why Is Guess Girl Worth the Investment?

  • suitable for attires
  • suits the taste of women in their 20's and 30's


2.Guess Marciano

Marciano is one of the Guess perfumes that perfectly embodies the festivals of summer. The smell of this perfume is very joyful, bright, and clean. It's a great perfume to wear during spring, summer, and winter. Marciano entered the market in 2007 was created by Barbara Zoebelein.

This perfume begins with the sour fragrance of star fruit. This sourness is accompanied by the slightly alcoholic and fruity smells of curacao orange liquor, grapefruit, and cardamom. The middle notes feature powdery and floral accords that are derived from peony, jasmine, and honeysuckle. The base notes a depth creamy smell and is composed of fragrances from musk, vanilla, and woody accents.

Just like Girl, Marciano works well for young and mature women. However, it might be more preferable for users who love fragrances that use strong base notes. Get this product if you're looking for a perfume with good longevity.

Pros of Guess Marciano

  • Has a vanilla smell that gets richer and deeper
  • Smells like the more expensive Dolce and Gabanna Pour Femme
  • Has a slight tinge of alcoholic smell that makes the sourness bearable

Cons of Guess Marciano

  • Smells bad at first


Why Is Guess Marciano Worth the Investment?

  • Has a sillage that becomes better as time goes by
  • Can be used as a sleep-inducing night perfume

3.Guess Seductive Wild Summer EDT

The warmth of summer is personified the time for love and merry-making. It's a season where everyone feels the need to go out to enjoy life before the dull winter comes. Furthermore, it's also the time where the environment teems with life. Animals are prowling about, flowers are blooming, and the air is full of energy. If you're looking for a perfume that makes you feel good just as how summer does, Wild Summer is the perfume that you need.

Wild summer begins the journey with a floral-fruity smell of litchi, red berries, and pear. For me, the top note has this savory smell that makes you think about a well-made fruit cocktail. The floral middle note smells very sexy on the other hand. The deep powdery and sweet scents of rose, orange flower, and jasmine seem to bind the mind and heart. Lastly, the base note feels very bright. It's composed of fragrances from cashmere wood, vanilla, and musk.

This perfume has a slightly seductive character. Many say, that the sensuality of this product is strong. However, I find this quite the opposite after wearing it. Still, Wild Summer is a great perfume. It does best in bringing out the energy that's hiding in you.

Pros of Guess Wild Summer

  • A very energetic perfume
  • Has good projection and sillage
  • Has a reasonable dry down

Cons of Guess Wild Summer

  • The sensuality of this product is overstated


Why is Guess Wild Summer Worth the Investment?

  • Shows the energetic character of Guess ladies
  • Gives you a bright disposition

4.Guess Seductive for Women EDT

As the name implies, Guess Seductive is a very sensual perfume. I like this one better than the previous product when it comes to bringing out sexiness, eroticism, and allure. This perfume begins with a nose catching sugary top note made out of zesty bergamot, black currant, and pear. Next is the middle note that's characterized by the deep and earthy floral accents of orris root, intense jasmine, and warm African orange flower.

The base note isn't very special. However, it plays an integral part in blending the complexities of the top and middle notes.

Guess Seductive is a sensual perfume. However, it's not very deep compared to perfumes from other brands of the same concept. In a simple sense, this product projects the image of innocent eroticism that some women projects.

Pros of Guess Seductive

  • Has a smooth sensual fragrance
  • Great for moms, single ladies, and the elderly
  • Has a smell that people won't find too mature

Cons of Guess Seductive

  • Longevity seems a bit lacking


Why Is Guess Seductive Worth the Investment?

  • A great recommendation to friends
  • Can be used as a layer to add eroticism to young smelling perfumes

5.Guess Women’s 1981 EDT

The name for this perfume makes you think that it's a fragrance with an old feel. However, use this and you'll discover that it smells very modern and chic. Women's 1981 is a perfume released in 2017. It aims to fuse the modern and traditional side of perfume making. Thus, this perfume has a dynamic yet clean smell that asserts how simplicity can contribute to elegance and beauty.

Pros Guess Women's 1981

  • Smells very simple yet catchy

Cons of Guess Women's 1981

  • Not a great perfume for fabulous attires

Why Is Guess Women's 1981 Worth the Investment?

  • Doesn't smell bad even when over applied
  • A very safe perfume for work

6.Guess Dare EDT

Guess released dare in 2014. Perfumer, Bruno Jovanovic, planned Dare as a perfume that evokes complex romantic emotions such as longing, love, adoration, and gentleness. Women looking for romance shouldn't miss Dare. It's a perfume that aims to fill the void within their hearts.

The top note of dare has a zesty floral smell. It's a bit similar to the smell of orange and jasmine that's mixed but a little deeper. The middle note has a very green white floral smell that's made out of cactus, jasmine, and peony fragrances. Finally, the base note has a slight tropical woody scent that's derived from coconut meat, musk, and woody notes.

Guess dare is a good purchase if you're just trying to see how Guess perfumes are like. The fragrance that it has is almost similar to other Guess fragrances. That said, buy this one to get an idea of Guess perfumes in general.

Pros of Guess Dare

  • Has a very agreeable green floral middle note
  • Has a good projection especially when layered with fresh powdery perfume

Cons of Guess Dare

  • Might smell ordinary for some

Why Is Guess Dare Worth the Investment?

  • Ensures a good and safe blind purchase
  • Stands out even when layered with two or three other perfumes

7.Guess Gold EDP

Femininity is not a thing for some women. That's why some of them look for perfumes that have a little touch of manliness. Finding perfumes that perfectly balances manly and feminine accents to create a unisex accord is hard. Nevertheless, look no more. Here's Guess Gold a perfume that tough women need.

Guess Gold starts the magic with a zesty and green top note that's derived from the fragrances of apple, lemon, and pineapple. Smelling it makes you think of the palm beaches of Hawaii and other tropical countries in the pacific. The floral middle note, on the other hand, makes you think of the lush floral gardens of Belgium and the Netherlands. Finally, the base note is simply strong. It has this deep woody and warm characteristics that are powerfully gentle.

It's very remarkable that the base note of Guess Gold smells the most noticeable and lasts the longest. The base gives this perfume a smell that's a bit similar to Guess men's perfume. That said, Guess Gold might work as a unisex perfume.

Pros of Guess Gold

  • Has a strong base note that lasts long
  • Doesn't require resprays
  • Gives the user a bit of flirty character

Cons of Guess Gold

  • Dry down of the top note and middle note is too quick

Why Is Guess Gold Worth the Investment?

  • Can be used as a unisex perfume
  • Has a wonderful deep yet gentle smell
  • A good perfume for setting up meetings or making appointments

8.Guess Girl Belle EDT

Girl Belle is inspired by the original Guess Girl perfume that was released in 2012. It entered the market one year after its predecessor. Just like Guess Girl, this perfume features strong and sweet floral fragrances. However, this one might be better because it's more noticeable in a crowd. Also, it is a better transition from top note to base note even when exposed to a lot of air.

You should pick this fragrance if you think that Guess Girl is too young. There's more mature chicness to this perfume. Nevertheless, its smell isn't arousing or alluring. That said, wear this one if you're heading out for some clean fun with your friends.

Pros of Guess Girl Belle

  • Settles fast and has excellent dry down
  • A more the mature version of Guess Girl
  • Has a dominant sweet smell that easily catches the attention of other people

Cons of Guess Girl Belle

  • Not a good perfume for formal gatherings such as meetings, team building sessions, project planning, etc.

Why Is Guess Girl Belle Worth the Investment?

  • Can be used as an instant respray to prevent expensive perfumes with poor longevity from quickly running out
  • Gives you a character that sits at the gray area between young and mature

9.Guess EDP Spray for Women

Guess is for you if you love gourmand perfumes. This is a perfume that's filled with mouth-watering fruity notes. There's a slight hint of floral accents. However, it's the green, sweet, and fresh fragrances of fruits dominate this one. Personally, this perfume reminds me of a festival that features luscious and exotic fruits from all over the world.

Simply put, Guess for Women is a perfume that introduces you to the explosive character of fruit fragrances.

Pros of Guess for Women

  • Has a very fruity scent
  • Very refreshing and comfortable

Cons of Guess for Women

  • Has a slight tinge of acidic accents

Why Is Guess for Women Worth the Investment?

  • A good perfume for masking unpleasant odors
  • A perfume that projects well when you're exposed to sunlight

10.Guess Seductive Noir

Seductive Noir is a perfume that's all about eroticism. It makes you think of pushing him at the bed forceful and make him feel unbelievable pleasures that no other woman can give. This perfume has a deep floral fragrance that reaches the very depths of the nose. Also, it has a bit of warm and creamy fragrances that comforts and beguiles the senses at the same time. Be careful not to overspray though, this perfume might make it hard for him to get over you.

Pros of Guess Seductive Noir

  • A very seductive and arousing Guess perfume
  • Has a fragrance that's hard to forget
  • Feels strong but not uncomfortable

Cons of Guess Seductive Noir

  • Not recommended for teens

Why Is Guess Seductive Noir Worth the Investment?

  • Ups the level of intimacy when you're spending the night with him


Guess perfumes are worth the try if you're looking for luxury grade fragrances that are very affordable. What I love about the products on this list is that they feature fragrances that people find hard to disagree with. That said, I hope that my Top 10 Best Guess Perfume for Women Review helped. If it did, check and see the products for yourself and let me know your first impressions.

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