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Ralph Lauren Women Perfume (Top 10 Best) Review

Ralph Lauren Women Perfume (Top 10 Best)

Modern perfume-making mainly originated in Europe. The oldest and greatest houses in the perfume industry humbly started in France, Grasse, etc. This is why classic perfumes that many love represents the traditional noble and classy European lifestyle. Even so, did you know that there's a perfume brand that aims to showcase the pure American spirit? Ralph Lauren is a brand that began in America during the 1970s and 1980s. The perfumes that it creates embody the free and outgoing character American lifestyle. Ralph Lauren is a big brand in the perfume industry. Some prominent stars that wore its fragrances are Tom Ford, Bradley Cooper, Sting, and Anne Hathaway.

Are Ralph Lauren fragrances for you? Read this review about the top 10 Ralph Lauren women perfume to find out. Also, Read Review of Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume Review by Perfume Tips.

1.Midnight Romance

This perfume is a modified version of Ralph Lauren's Romance fragrance that entered the market in 1998. The original Romance was very mature because it showcased a deep flowery smell. Midnight Romance steers away from this. It has a lighter touch that personifies innocence and youthfulness.

Midnight Romance begins with the sweet and fruity smell of bergamot, raspberry, and lichen. The light summery smell of peony, sambac jasmine, and freesia then follow. These middle notes are given a bit of sexy character with the base tones of vanilla, ambroxan, and iris absolute.

Who says that innocence can't be sexy? A woman's attractiveness is at a peak when her sexual appeal meets with her untainted character. That said, wear this perfume if you're aiming to show that shy yet mischievous persona.

Pros of Midnight Romance Perfume

  1. has an initial smell that's very dominating

  2. middle fragrances tones are very balanced

  3. inspired by one of Ralph Lauren's classic perfumes

Cons of Midnight Romance Perfume

  1. the raspberry smell dominates other fragrance tones

  2. not a very fancy smelling perfume

Why Consider Buying Midnight Romance Perfume?

  1. has a clean and simple flowery smell

  2. suitable for women of all ages

  3. feels very cool and light

2.Big Pony 2

The Big Pony 2 is the feminine version of the Big Pony 1. This perfume has a soothing smell that makes it great for summer. This perfume was launched in 2012. If you're looking for a perfume that pulls the attention of many, try this one.

Big Pony 2 shows the wonders that fruity oriental smell brings. For me, it has this strawberry like smell that's very agreeable. Nevertheless, the sexy and catchy character of this fragrances comes from the combination of tonka beans and cranberries.

A woman that's ready to steal the hearts of men. Go for this perfume if you're into projecting a blatantly seductive character.

Pros of Big Pony 2

  1. very fruity yet non-sour smelling perfume

  2. great perfume for outdoor use

Cons of Big Pony 2

  1. not the best perfume for formal attire

  2. not the best perfume for work

Why Consider Buying Big Pony 2?

  1. catchy perfume

  2. doesn't give you a sour smell

  3. very feminine

3.Safari for Women

Safari is a Ralph Lauren classic. It's a perfume from the 1990s and nothing about this perfume has changed since then. Safari is a perfume that features the typical American woman. It's a perfume that inspires the spirit of adventure, courage, and elegance.

This perfume has a very flowery top note and middle note. Still, they don't smell uncomfortable because the fragrance of aldehyde creates a cheerful blend. The base, composed of moss, tonka beans, and styrax, gives this perfume a warm touch.

Looks don't only define a woman's appeal. Sometimes, a woman becomes attractive due to her risky advances that dominate a man's character. Therefore, try this cologne if you're aiming to project the character of a woman who's not bound by rules and prejudice.

Pros of Safari for Women

  1. a revitalizing fragrance

  2. very flowery from start to finish

  3. one of Ralph Lauren's timeless classics

Cons of Safari for Women

  1. easy to get tired of

Why Consider Buying Safar for Women?

  1. great perfume for formal attire

  2. caters to the taste of mature women

  3. has a warm and comfortable floral smell

4.Lauren for Women

Lauren is another timeless classic from Ralph Lauren. Bernard Chant released this perfume in 1978. Lauren is a perfume that sparked the success of Ralph Lauren in the perfume industry. As a result, it's a perfume that doesn't only smell nice but also uses a very elegant perfume bottle.

This perfume begins with the fresh floral fragrance of rosewood, clary sage, and pineapple. The top note of this fragrance makes you think of a flower garden that's filled with morning dew. The middle notes of lilac, cyclamen, lily of the valley, violet, etc. portray a sunlit flower garden in the afternoon.

Finally, the base note of carnation, vetiver, oakmoss, sandalwood, and cedar provides depth. These fragrances blend well with the top and middle fragrances and prevent any sour or powdery smell from entering the nose.

Pros of Lauren for Women

  1. a very fresh floral perfume

  2. doesn't smell powdery or sour

  3. has a nice projection

Cons of Lauren for Women

  1. might smell lighter than the original

Why Consider Buying Lauren for Women?

  1. a perfume that smells nostalgic

  2. smells very elegant

  3. goes well with other Ralph Lauren floral fragrances


Woman is one of Ralph Lauren's newest fragrances. I think it was launched 3 years ago. Many confuse this perfume with the product that I mentioned before Nevertheless, know that Lauren has a red packaging whereas Lauren has a light brown or orange perfume bottle that's reminiscent of zippo.

This perfume begins with the mouthwatering smell of rhubarb, black currant, and pear. After these, the floral and citrusy middle notes of orange blossom, tuberose, and Turkish rose come next. The middle tones make this product phenomenal and they caress the nose with an energizing romantic smell.

There's a bit of smokiness from this perfume. I think it comes from the base notes of hazelnut, sandalwood, and other woody notes.

Pros of Lauren Woman

  1. a perfume that utilizes Ralph Lauren's latest formulation

  2. a mouthwatering perfume that smells sweet, fresh, and floral at the same time

Cons of Lauren Women

  1. has a smoky smell that disrupts the floral smell

Why Consider Buying Lauren Women?

  1. very versatile perfume

  2. doesn't smell very girly

  3. starts strong but mellows eventually

6.Woman Intense

Woman Intense is a spin-off of the original Woman perfume that I mentioned above. This perfume is for women who love deep flowery smells. That said, you should pick this product if you think that the other perfumes on this list smell very light or lacking.

This perfume begins with a spicy and sweet top note that uses fragrances from black currant, pink pepper, neroli, and rhubarb. The middle tone is floral and a bit sour but brings the sweetness of the top note to a whole new level. By the way, the middle tone is composed of orange blossom, tuberose, and sambac jasmine.

Finally, the base note provides a creamy and smokey tinge. It's composed of black vanilla, sandalwood, and amber wood.

Pros of Woman Intense

  1. a deeper version of the original Woman perfume

  2. has a very sexy and appealing projection

Cons of Woman Intense

  1. has a bit of sourness

Why Consider Buying Woman Intense?

  1. great perfume for women in their 20's and 30's

  2. has a very dominating floral smell


Ralph entered the market in 2000. This is one of Ralph Lauren's cleanest smelling perfume. Though light, this perfume shows all the fragrances used. That said, all the ingredients for Ralph work together to bring each other out. If you're looking for a perfume that smells dynamic but not chaotic, go for this one.

The scent of this fragrance opens with the sugary and warm smell of apple leaf, Japanese osmanthus, and Italian mandarin. To describe, these top notes make you think of late summer where nature is up and moving. On the other hand, the middle notes of boronia, yellow freesia, and the magnolia beguile the senses.

Finally, base notes of musk and white iris provides a bit of relief so that the top and middle notes don't completely dominate the user.

Ralph might be a name for males. Nevertheless, don't be deceived because this perfume is very feminine in all aspects. Furthermore, it's light but doesn't smell lacking nor heavy. Thus, this might be the best floral fruity perfume on this list.

Pros of Ralph

  1. has a dynamic and clean smell

  2. top note, middle note, and base note complement each other

  3. has exceptional longevity

Cons of Ralph

  1. smells clean but not very noticeable

Why Consider Buying Ralph?

  1. great perfume for young and mature women

  2. feels very fresh and comforting

8.Ralph Love

The original Ralph perfume personifies the stage where a woman is full of youth and unaware of the sparkle of emotions that love brings. Ralph Love, on the other hand, aims to symbolize a woman's first love - where everything seemed magical and full of joy.

The composition of Ralph Love is very simple. Sweet and zesty apple fragrance composes this perfume's top note. Red rose fragrance makes up its a middle note. Finally, the sweet sugary smell of cotton candy is the base note.

Pros of Ralph Love

  1. very sweet and floral perfume

  2. great for women ages 15-18

Cons of Ralph Love

  1. might smell boring or too plain for some users ages 20 and above


Romance is a perfume that entered the market in 1998. Harry Fermont created its original formula. Romance is a perfume that embodies gentle love that provides warmth and soothes the heart - the very thing that all women want. Check this product out for it will relive the memories of the love that made you whole.

The fragrance tones of water lily and white violet give this product a nostalgic floral scent. Tiny explosions of spicy and green smell can also be discerned that come from carnation and ginger. Finally, white musk, patchouli, and oakmoss masks the spiciness and soothes the nose.

Romance has a disagreeable projection at the beginning. This will eventually settle down as soon as the base notes kick in. That said, Romance may not smell good at first. However, it becomes very phenomenal as it lasts.

Pros of Romance

  1. smells better the longer it's worn

  2. has good longevity

  3. great perfume for women into relationships

Cons of Romance

  1. doesn't have a great initial projection

Why Consider Buying Romance Perfume?

  1. works well as night perfume

  2. has a tender floral smell

10.Tender Romance

Ralph Lauren market Tender Romance in 2016. Honorine Blanc created this perfume. Looking at its packaging, I can say that this is another modified version of the original Romance perfume just like Midnight Romance. Tender Romance leans on the floral smell that oriental ingredients can bring. Thus, go for this one if you're fond of thinking about the warmth of East Asia.

This perfume begins with the sweet and invigorating smell of ginger, bergamot, and pear. There's a slight herblike tinge. This is due to ginger. The middle tone is composed of magnolia, white ginger, and lily. These ingredients make the middle tone very floral but not powdery.

Lastly, the base notes provide a platform where the top note and middle note can freely combine. Overall, tender romance has a lighter character and is the better choice for younger women than the original Romance perfume.

Pros of Tender Romance

  1. an oriental version of the original Romance perfume

  2. has an invigorating floral fragrance

Cons of Tender Romance

  1. ginger fragrance for the top note and the middle note might be an overkill

Why Consider Buying Tender Romance?

  1. a version of Romance that's for younger women

  2. has a good initial projection

  3. has a powerful base note


These are the top 10 Ralph Lauren women perfume. As you can see, most of them are floral fragrances that are mixed with either fruity, zesty, or herbal essences to be different. If you're fond of floral perfumes, trying Ralph Lauren counts as a great decision.

Trying the perfumes on this list is a good decision if you're new to floral perfumes. It's because they have the fragrances that are very agreeable to most first time users. That said, Ralph Lauren is the brand that will teach you to adore fragrances that use flower essences. 

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