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10 Best Victoria Secret Perfume Review

Best Victoria Secret Perfume Review

Victoria Secret - this brand is part of everyone's list in terms of luxury items that personify fame, glamour, and quality. Speaking of what it has, the product that appeals to most is their underwear. This isn't an understatement because Victoria Secret hosts very prestigious undergarment fashion shows. Nevertheless, there are other spheres in the fashion industry where it makes a killing. One of these is the perfume industry. To describe, Victoria Secret perfumes greatly blend floral and fruity fragrance that easily captivates the nose.

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This will be a top 10 Best Victoria Secret Perfume Review. Allow me to educate you a little about why the products here deserve your attention.

1.Victoria Secret Bombshell

Adriana Medina Baez and Mark Knitwoski created this perfume using at least 12 fragrance notes. Bombshell is a perfume that's evidently crafted for females. The perfume bottle is evidence of this. This perfume has an energetic smell that reminds you of the warmth of spring that brightens the mood.

Bombshell begins with the fruity scent of strawberry and passion fruit that goes along with the zesty kick of grapefruit, pineapple, and tangerine. After the refreshing top note, the absolutely floral middle note then follows. It's composed of jasmine, vanilla orchid, lily of the valley, and peony. There's also raspberry to retain the sweet smell of the top notes.

Musk, oakmoss, and woody notes create depth for this perfume. These base notes ensure that Bombshell doesn't become too fruity or floral provided that it uses lots of fruits and flowers as ingredients.

Pros of Victoria Secret Bombshell

  • Has a clean fruity and flowery smell
  • Has a consistent projection
  • Has a very catchy perfume bottle

Cons of Victoria Secret Bombshell

  • doesn't smell very unique

Why Consider Buying Victoria Secret Bombshell?

  • Appeals to the nose of women ages 18-30
  • Smells consistent and a great choice for users who don't like complex fragrances
  • Great perfume for outdoor use

2.Victoria Secret Very Sexy

Victoria Secret launched this perfume in 2014. Very Sexy is one of the few perfumes that's available with various body care products. A gorgeous woman who's movements, even simple ones, catches the attention of anyone in the club. The sparkle, the allure, and the dangerous character. This is the message that Very Sexy is trying to convey.

This perfume has a very straightforward smell. When used, you'll immediately smell its creamy and sweet fragrance. The blackberry, tangerine, and vanilla orchid are responsible for this. I like to emphasize the pivotal role that the vanilla orchid plays for this perfume. Without its creamy smell, Very sexy would smell honeylike or sugary.

Very Sexy is a perfume that's great for going to clubs. It's the initial smell isn't good. However, it might be what you need to get noticed at social gatherings. Also, it has a smell that appeals greatly to men. Therefore, don't hesitate to wear this if you're aiming to surprise someone with charm.

Pros of Victoria Secret Very Sexy Perfume

  • Sweet and creamy perfume
  • Has a great longevity
  • Has a smell that appeals to the nose of men

Cons of Victoria Secret Very Sexy Perfume

  • Smells offensive at first

Why Consider Buying Victoria Secret Very Sexy Perfume

  • Great perfume for clubs
  • Great perfume for dates

3.Victoria Secret Heavenly

Heavenly is a Victoria Secret all-time favorite. This is a very gentle floral-fruity perfume that fits the preference of all users. Compared to older ones, the Heavenly perfumes at the market at present look more elegant. It's because manufacturers redesigned their perfume bottles to keep up with competition and users' changing tastes.

Vanilla, sandalwood, peony, and white musk provide this perfume with a gentle smell. The floral scent of peony catches the nose. Vanilla and white musk then transforms this flowery accent into a powdery accord. Finally, sandalwood provides a bit of warmth and soothes the senses.

Heavenly is a perfume that's great to be used at home. This perfume is just enough to make you smell nice at home all day. That said, wear this one whenever visitors come.

Pros of Victoria Secret Heavenly Perfume

  • Has a gentle floral smell that becomes powdery later on
  • Has a smell that's users will long for
  • Smells great from beginning to end

Cons of Victoria Secret Heavenly Perfume

  • Smells strikingly similar to perfume from other brands

Why Consider Buying Victoria Secret Heavenly Perfume

  • One of the best Victoria Secret Perfumes for casual use
  • Shows a strong agreeable powdery smell
  • Smells clean and simple

4.Victoria Secret So In Love

Anne Buzantian is the nose behind this brilliant fragrance. I think this perfume is Victoria Secret's entry for a competition that was held way back in 2006. This perfume has a smell that makes you think of a budding romance. That being said, try this product if you want to see how love smells like.

The floral fragrance of this perfume is phenomenal. It instantly begins with the bursting aroma of rose that's backed by the fragrances from ylang-ylang, jasmine, violet leaf, cognac, carnation. There's a slightly sour smell that tones down the concentration of the rose fragrance a bit. All in all, So In Love is a Victoria Secret masterpiece in the rose perfumes category.

You shouldn't think twice about wearing this perfume during summer and spring. It this nice sunny feel to it that you'll love. Nevertheless, be careful not to put in too much. The rose smell might become overbearing if you decide to do otherwise.

Pros of Victoria Secret So In Love Perfume

  • A very strong rose perfume
  • Has a vintage and lush feel to it
  • A mature smelling perfume and might work great as night perfume

Cons of Victoria Secret So In Love Perfume

  • Might smell too strong for young users

Why Consider Buying Victoria Secret So In Love Perfume?

  • Wearing this perfume will give you a noticeable rosy smell
  • Great perfume for housewives and single moms

5.Victoria Secret Scandalous

Scandalous is a perfume that Victoria Secret launched in the fall of 2014. It's a perfume that's meant to bring out the risky qualities of women. Scandalous has a scent that energizes the user literally. The smell of this perfume stimulates the body and makes the user feel alive.

Scandalous starts with the fruity smell of raspberry with a bit of alcoholic tinge. The sweet and citrusy smell of peony then follows. I think the peony does the magic for this perfume because it provides a dark character. Finally, the praline base note provides a dynamic scent that may range from nutty to candylike.

I recommend scandalous for young and mature women. It has a scent that goes with all kinds of attire. It's also a perfume that lightens the mood. That said, get this perfume if you're feeling down right now.

Pros of Victoria Secret Scandalous Perfume

  • Has a fragrance that changes how one feels
  • Smells joyful and dark
  • Can be worn for parties, work, gigs, or at home

Cons of Victoria Secret Scandalous Perfume

  • Has a slight alcoholic smell

Why Consider Buying Victoria Secret Scandalous Perfume?

  • Has a seductive yet non-mature smell
  • Goes well with citrus perfumes

6.Victoria Secret Tease

Victoria Secret launched this perfume in 2017. What makes this perfume good is its dynamic smell. As the name implies, Tease really teases the nose. It constantly switches from the balsamic, floral, and fruity smell. Tease is a complex smelling perfume. However, don't think twice about getting this if you're in for a whole new experience.

Tease's fruity smell is composed of apple, litchi, and mandarin orange. It has a slightly refreshing character that's perfect for warm days. The floral scent, on the other hand, has a sweet and savory character. It's composed of fragrances from jasmine, freesia, and gardenia. Lastly, the balsamic smell is made out of musk, benzoin, vanilla, etc.

Tease is a perfume that's great for instant use. It doesn't need time to smell good. Tease allows you to captivate anyone as soon as it's worn.

Pros of Victoria Secret Tease Perfume

  • Doesn't need time to smell good
  • Has a very dynamic projection
  • Has a slight refreshing feel

Cons of Victoria Secret Tease Perfume

  • Has a bit of sourness

Why Consider Buying Victoria Secret Tease Perfume?

  • One of Victoria Secret's newest perfume
  • Comes in a stylish metallic perfume bottle
  • Can be layered with fragrance oils

7.Victoria Secret Night

For some, nighttime is where life truly happens. It's the time where you get the moment to chill out and enjoy life. The night is a perfume that aims to personify the joyful things that nighttime has to offer. That said, it's a perfume that showcases the mysteries of deep floral fragrance.

The night starts with the fragrance of fruity, floral, and woody notes that combine to provide a nose grabbing sensation. There's also an oceanic feel to the top note that feels very airy. The middle note is mostly floral and fruity that smells very clean and soft. Finally, the base note is somewhat smokey and woody at the same time. It provides a great contrast for the top note and middle note so that you won't get confused.

Pros of Victoria Secret Night Perfume

  • Smells deeply sweet and fun
  • Has an airy feel when applied
  • Great for nighttime use

Cons of Victoria Secret Night Perfume

  • the base disrupts the whole experience somehow

Why Buy Victoria Secret Night Perfume?

  • Has a strong floral smell but not too feminine or seductive
  • A great perfume that appeals to women of all ages
  • A great perfume for meeting with friends

8.Victoria Secret Rapture

Rapture is a Victoria Secret perfume that was launched in 1992. Therefore, this perfume might be the oldest on this list. Still, don't get me wrong. Rapture is as good as the newer Victoria Secret perfumes. It has this classic oriental zesty floral smell that makes you think of going outside for an adventure.

This perfume begins with the zesty smell of orange blossoms and citruses. The top note projects the image of a calm beach that's lit by the afternoon sun. The floral middle notes that are composed of freesia, jasmine and Bulgarian rose makes you think of the peaceful days. Finally, the base note made out of heliotrope, vanilla, amber, and musk provides a deeply aromatic and woody sensation that's hard to forget.

Pros and Cons of Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume

  • Has an oriental floral smell that's warm and zesty
  • Brings a bit of nostalgia when used
  • Great as a gift for older women

Why Buy Victoria Secret Rapture Perfume?

  • A perfume that's a Victoria Secret classic
  • Makes you feel strong and sexy
  • Has a base fragrance that's hard to forget

9.Victoria Secret Wicked

Wicked is probably the sweetest smelling Victoria secret perfume. You'll know what I mean upon using this product yourself. Upon application, the sweet smell of black sugar immediately bursts at the nose. This is then accompanied by the fruity-floral smell of freesia. The freesia tries to tone the sweet smell of black sugar. However, the creamy base note of Tahitian vanilla ups the sweetness again and makes it last.

Wicked is actually a spin-off of the Crush perfume. Buying this perfume is a great choice if you're fond of perfumes with a sweet fragrance. The floral aspect of Wicked is also good. Nevertheless, it doesn't last for long. This is because the sweet smell eventually dominates.

To comment further, I think that Victoria's Secret experimented on this one. Wicked is the only Victoria Secret perfume that uses a sweet fragrance as the main motif. Even so, I give the manufacturers a big thumbs up because they managed to do a job well done.

Pros of Victoria Secret Wicked Perfume

  • An absolutely sweet-smelling fragrance
  • Has a smell that's rare compared to other perfumes

Cons of Victoria Secret Wicked Perfume

  • The floral smell needs to come out more

Why Consider Buying Victoria Secret Wicked Perfume?

  • Great for layering with floral perfumes
  • Great perfume for masking smokey odors

10.Victoria Secret Forbidden

Forbidden is a perfume that features a warm fruity smell. It starts with a clean fruity fragrance of pear that combines with the floral accent of jasmine to bring out an exotic allure. Amber and woodsy base notes, on the other hand, provides some sort of warm and powdery scent. This perfume has a very formal and authoritative smell. Consider getting Forbidden if you're looking for a perfume that fits the lives of professionals.

Pros of Victoria Secret Forbidden

  • Has a warm woody smell

Cons of Victoria Secret Forbidden

  • Comes in a sexy perfume bottle but doesn't smell sexy at all

Why Consider Buying Victoria Secret Forbidden Perfume?

  • A great perfume for corporate meetings
  • Great when layered with other perfume as a respray

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Final Thoughts

So this is our 10 Best Victoria Secret Perfume Review If you're not very familiar with women's perfumes, try Victoria Secret. It's because they have the scent that agrees to the preferences of first-time users. Also, they're great as gifts because any woman will surely love to receive them. Check the products that I mentioned here because they're the best that Victoria Secret has to offer.

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