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How Many Perfume Can I Take on a Plane

How Many Perfume Can I Take on a Plane

Question: How Many Perfume Can I Take on a Plane? Travelling via plane can be quite an ordeal. Always there is much to think about and to make sure that things get right otherwise, the things will lead to delay which ultimately anyone doesn’t want at any rate. I hate admitting it, I am a little bit addicted to keeping my personal care items whenever it comes to travelling. I don’t want to skip anything in return for travel-size brand.

Nobody smells good after a long-distance flight. Long flights, humid bus trips, and tropical temperatures can encourage you to take a shower, but when flying, that's not always easy. But bringing your favorite perfume with you will be a better choice, so you don't feel ashamed. Before getting onto the plane, splash yourself with perfume might help or keep a tiny amount of a favorite perfume, so it is handy after landing.

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It's definitely a smart idea to limit the use of fragrance when you're in the closed space of an aircraft cabin. You will be praised by your fellow passengers. While it is not illegal, people who are sitting next to you may have irritation and discomfort, especially if they are allergic to perfumes. They may have headaches, nausea, or breathing issues. In order to avoid bothering other travelers, our recommendation will be to use just a limited quantity of strong or heavy perfumes.

Most of the time carrying luggage is a very big headache. How many bags or kilos I can carry? How much am I charging? And how much can I take as a hand-carry? So and so, we'll deal with every point in this article so that you can get out of doubt. And most notably, you can take your perfume everywhere. The milliliters of different perfumes can vary based on the airline in which you fly, your hand-carry bag, and the size of your luggage. So we have to realize that there are certain rules for taking perfumes in carry-on bags versus checked luggage.

Is liquid perfume allowed in carry-on bags or hand luggage or in your purses?

The answer is yes, liquid perfumes are allowed to take on board but TSA rules apply, you have to comply with those rules to get your perfumes passes the security checkpoints at the airport.

All fragrances particularly liquid Perfumes and body sprays come under the law of the TSA (Transport security Administration), like most personal hygiene items, which ensures that certain items are included in your checked luggage and carry-on bags. You would have to check them if you are going to take big bottles of perfume since the TSA is very much specific on the volume you can put in your hand carry.

How Many Perfume Can I Take on a Plane

TSA rule:

The TSA 3-1-1 law specifies that all liquids like oils, gels, creams and aerosols and perfumes must be stored in containers no greater than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or small containers that fit in one enclosed plastic zip-top case, with only 1 bag per person, to be carried in a carry-on bag. Any other liquid greater than 3.4 ounces should be placed in luggage if not medically required on board. You don't have to pack your whole bottle of perfume or body splash, since it's probably over 3.4 oz. limit. Rather you can find a refillable travel-size perfume bottle that satisfies the 3-1-1 criteria if you're a frequent flyer.

This ensures that you'll need to check how many ounces are in the bottle if you want to put perfume in your hand luggage. Fortunately, most of the perfumes are sold in bottles smaller than the TSA criteria. Furthermore, there is very limited space within the plastic zip case bag, 7 to 12 bottles can be able to accommodate in your bag of toiletries. Just like any other liquid substances, the airlines and TSA serve perfume, except since it can do a lot of harm if it spills, so carefully pack your perfume.

Packing Perfumes in Luggage

A more critical issue than the size of the bottle is the possibility of your perfume or body splash leakage or spilling during your journey. During the screening process, bags get hustled, mostly checked bags. To avoid any spillage, double wrap the perfume bottle or vial or leave the liquid perfume entirely and fly instead with solid perfumes. If you want to pack a huge bottle of perfume in your checked luggage, covering the bottle in bubble wrap is a smart choice to protect the glass as the checked bag is usually thrown here and there. The TSA does not restrain liquid jar sizes for luggage, so it is also possible to pack a full-size perfume bottle there.

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For most perfume addicts, there is no issue, since few bottles are bigger than 3.4 oz. anyhow, but it's inconvenient to bring around a full-size container of perfume since the very little amount of perfume is used during a trip by most people. Transferring a small volume of perfume into a sample-size vial, which for even a long journey can be adequate. If you are just going for a short vacation, you do not need 3.4 oz (100ml) of perfume. So those small vials of perfumes will be perfect for a small trip. Keep them for your holiday trip if you come across some free tester bottles.

On the other hand, from a bigger bottle, you can transfer a perfume into a perfume vial. These small bottles hold ample perfume for about 70 sprays, making them suitable for a holiday.

What is or What isn’t Permitted onboard?

If you are fond of travelling and you are a fragrance lover, you probably want to keep one or more than one perfume on your trip. You always want to smell amazing, even if you are away from home, there is nothing strange or weird in keeping perfumes on your trip.

So, taking fragrances on board is quite simple. If you want to keep them in your checked baggage then there will be no issue, since luggage has no restriction regarding the size and volume of perfume bottles. But if you don’t want to keep them in your luggage or you are carrying no luggage so you can keep them in your carry-on bags but as mentioned above TSA 3-1-1  rule applies in that case i.e. not more than 100 ml. Sometimes the fragrance could be 120 ml or you like the perfume so much that you have bought a 200ml bottle in that case you can’t carry it in your carry-on bags.

Travel-Sized Bottles or Perfumes Atomizer

You may have a better option for carrying your favorite perfumes on the plane. Like for example, you can purchase travel-sized fragrance bottles or perfume vials for keeping your favorite scent with you. These travel-sized perfume bottles are much smaller that can carry about 30ml or even less. These bottles take less space in your bags and they provide you the fragrance you like to wear during your trip. And you can carry different types of perfumes in each of these perfume atomizers for your trip to make sure you have amazing fragrances for any trip. But the drawback of these small size bottles is their higher cost per spray, you have probably noticed that larger bottles of perfumes are relatively lower in cost, but we have some other affordable options.

How Many Perfume Can I Take on a Plane

Decants perfumes

So fragrance decants are one of the cheapest and wonderful things. They are basically small size bottles that can carry the perfume of your choice. The highly recommend ones are 5ml bottles that can give you 50 sprays. However, you can go for 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, or even 10ml bottles. They are made of either plastic or glass. Glass bottles are a bit better because plastic can get mix-up with your fragrance. One thing you should keep in your mind related to these bottles is to keep them organized. A better idea is to label or put a sticker on a decant bottle when you filled it up, for each fragrance use a new decant bottle.

Duty-free perfumes

The only solution regarding the TSA 3-1-1 law when it comes to perfume is to buy it at a duty-free store situated inside the airport. In your carry-on, or on the purse, duty-free fragrances larger than 3.4 ounces are permitted due to the fact that they are wrapped in clear, tamper-evident bags by the manufacturer. 

You will need the receipt to show that you have purchased it within the past 48 hours. While you are told by official regulations that liquid containers greater than 100ml are not permissible, they are sold in the duty-free region. You can purchase a lot of items duty-free, or tax-free, in this place. Fragrances are one of these things. Duty-free fragrances, which can be greater than 200ml, are available in these fragrance shops. This is the only way you can lawfully have in your carry-on suitcase a bigger 200ml container with you.

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In the end, I would like to say that it will depend on customs at the relevant airport. However perfume is permissible on airlines, but you have to go along with the TSA's 3-1-1 guideline for liquids if packed in hand carry. For checked baggage, there are no limitations, but we would not recommend keeping perfume in checked baggage only because of spillage and leakage problems. Wrap or pack your perfume properly either within a zip lock bag or in between the clothes and keep them distant from hard or heavy objects in your bag.

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