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10 Best Gucci Perfume For Women

10 Best Gucci Perfume For Women

Gucci is one of the oldest houses in fashion. It started in 1921 and sold leather goods at first. Luck came by and soon enough, Gucci became one of the top-selling brands in Italy. Aside from leather goods, Gucci started to manufacture luxurious wearables for men and women. And in 1974, the Gucci No.1 was released - Gucci's first perfume. Gucci No.1 made it possible for Gucci to take its place in the perfume industry. To date, Gucci is continuing to make fragrances that rival with Chanel, Dolce and Gabanna, and YSL.

So what are the best fragrances that Gucci made? Here's my 10 best Gucci perfume for women review.

1.Gucci Bloom

A straightforward scent that any woman will love. Gucci Bloom is a perfume that smells dreamy. It makes you think of walking on a floral garden that's lit by moonlight. Get this perfume if you're looking for a perfume that has a sparkly and mysterious touch.

Bloom begins with the highly feminine sweet of jasmine. Its middle note packs the explosive allure of tuberose. The base note, made out of Rangoon creeper, provides an intoxicating touch.

Bloom smells very clean. It's not very fancy and that's why it's a perfume that's easy to understand. Go for this one if you don't like perfumes that feature various fragrances.

Pros of Gucci Bloom

  • Has a classic smell that's still relevant in modern times
  • Features a lot of floral accents
  • Has good longevity and projection

Cons of Gucci Bloom

  • Sillage needs to be improved

Why Consider Buying Gucci Bloom

  • A must-have item for Gucci fans
  • Projects like fireworks on the nose
  • Doesn't smell old considering it's the earliest Gucci perfume

2.Gucci Flora

Gucci Flora is one of Gucci's newest fragrances. Perfumers from the house of Firmenich created it. This perfume has a scent that makes you think of a woman in her 15's. Flora has this sweet and innocent smell that's very pure and surreal.

Flora opens with a floral smell of spicy peony. There's also a slightly tangy smell that comes from mandarin orange and other citruses. This middle note provides a powerful roselike fruity smell. Finally, the base notes made from sandalwood, mint, and pink pepper provides a green, sweet and woody, afterglow

Gucci did a job well done with Flora. It's a very balanced perfume. It has good sillage but its spiciness doesn't violate. Also, I expected it to be powdery but the floral accent that it has smells absolutely pure. This product is a must-have for teens aiming to project an innocent and outgoing vibe.

Pros of Gucci Flora

  • A very balanced floral perfume
  • Has a spicy scent that doesn't overpower other fragrance tones
  • Has a sweet fragrance that goes well with the dominant floral smell

Cons of Gucci Flora

  • Might smell light for some users

Why Consider Buying Gucci Flora

  • Has an excellent sillage due to its slightly spicy scent
  • Doesn't burst with floral essence
  • Has a youthful aroma


3.Gucci Bamboo

The Bamboo is one of Gucci's most unique perfumes. It's a perfume that's meant to be part of a line of bags, clothes, and other accessories that Gucci made. This perfume was launched in 2015. It smells has this aura that's reminiscent of a dewy morning flower garden.

Bamboo introduces you to a surprisingly clean zesty smell of bergamot. It then takes you to a meeting with the roselike smell of Casablanca lily that's accompanied by the powdery and slightly soapy accents of ylang-ylang and orange blossom. Bamboo finishes the journey with a slightly woody and creamy fragrance coming from amber, vanilla, and sandalwood.

The fresh floral scent of Gucci Bamboo sets it apart from other perfumes. Usually, most floral perfumes have this slight tinge of sourness whenever they attempt to project a fresh glow. This is one issue that I didn't encounter with this perfume.

Pros of Gucci Bamboo

  • A good fresh floral perfume
  • A perfume that's part of a Gucci's Bamboo collection
  • Doesn't smell sour

Cons of Gucci Bamboo

  • The projection is rather simple and sillage isn't very catchy

Why Consider Buying Gucci Bamboo

  • A collector's grade perfume
  • A perfume that fits young and adult women
  • A perfume that's good for casual wear

4.Gucci Bloom Nettari De Fiore

The Bloom Nettari De Fiore is Gucci's latest perfume. The Bloom perfume of 2017 inspired this product. Bloom Nettari De Fiore entered the market in 2018. This perfume represents the colors of the floral garden during the vibrant months of midsummer. It has a smell that will continuously surprise you with each spray.

This perfume begins with the simple floral and slightly herbal accent that comes from rose and ginger. The heart teems with the fragrance of the flowers during midsummer. It's composed of fragrances coming from Rangoon creeper, honeysuckle, jasmine, and tuberose. Floral accents also accumulate at the base and provide a musky and sweet smell.

Bloom Nettari De Fiore is a fragrance for women who wants to look fab and chic. It has a dominant floral fragrance that permeates until the very end. The sillage is quite good too. This perfume managed to provide an example of how other brands should create their floral fragrances.

Pros of Gucci Bloom Nettari De Fiore

  • Has a heavy floral smell
  • Has a slightly sweet and savory smell
  • Clean and simple yet smells very distinct from other perfumes

Cons of Gucci Bloom Nettari De Fiore

  • Longevity isn't good

Why Consider Buying Gucci Nettari De Fiore

  • A great perfume for bringing out feminine qualities
  • Serves well as night perfume
  • A better choice than the original Bloom perfume


5.Gucci by Gucci for Women

Gucci by Gucci is a perfume that's catered for women in all age groups. Perfumer Ilias Ermenidis created this perfume to represent Gucci's personality and it's consumers. It's a perfume that makes you think about elegance, glamour, and fame.

This perfume begins with a burst of fruity fragrances from pear and guava. The top note reminds you of the bustling festivals of Italy during spring. The middle note is made from Tiare flower fragrance. It has this warm creamy smell that's hard to ignore. Finally, the base note has a sweet woody scent that's a bit nutty and is made out of honey, patchouli, and musk.

Pros of Gucci By Gucci

  • Has a mysterious vibe
  • Has a well-balanced woody and floral smell
  • Provides a bit of warm sensation

Cons of Gucci By Gucci

  • Top notes might be too fruity for some

Why Consider Buying Gucci By Gucci

  • Great to wear during daytime
  • Doesn't smell very floral
  • Has a nice deep sillage

6.Gucci Guilty

Guilty is one of Gucci's earliest perfumes. It aims to make the user understand that guilty pleasures aren't bad. In fact, they can push anyone to be at their best. Guilty has a scent that makes it sexy but not erotic. Therefore, it's the ideal product for users looking for a perfume that can be worn during parties and for work.

Guilty begins with the spicy, sweet, and zesty accent that provides an excellent sillage. On the other hand, the floral and fruity middle note creates the charm that this perfume has. Finally, the base notes create depth and allow Guilty to create allure.

Pros of Gucci Guilty

  • Has a sexy smell but not erotic
  • Has a top note that creates excellent sillage

Cons of Gucci Guilty

  • Longevity has to be improved

Why Consider Buying Gucci Guilty

  • Can be used for work and parties
  • Great perfume for teens transitioning to maturity

7.Gucci Premiere

Gucci Premiere launched in 2012 and was endorsed by Blake Lively. Just like Bamboo, this perfume is also a part of a collection of various fashion products that Gucci made. The premiere is the perfume that represents the successful women. It has a clean dominating floral smell that smells very seductive.

This perfume opens with the sweet and slightly tangy fragrances of bergamot and black currant. The dominant floral middle note then enters and prevents the top note from smelling sugary. Finally, the base note made out of patchouli, sandalwood, and woody accents provides an arousing aroma.

My impression of this perfume is pretty neutral. I can't say that it is the best perfume on this list. However, it's the seductive character of Premiere that makes it interesting. That said, get this one if you're aiming to be noticed among the crowd.

Pros of Gucci Premiere

  • Has a bursting top note that reminds you of the tropics
  • Has a floral scent that you won't get sick of
  • A very seductive perfume

Cons of Gucci Premiere

  • The smell of patchouli needs to come out more

Why Consider Buying Gucci Premiere

  • Has exceptional sillage due to its top note
  • Smells strong but not uncomfortable


8.Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori for Women

Bloom is a spin-off of the original Bloom perfume. Compared to its predecessor, Bloom Acqua Di Fiori smells more dynamic and a bit lighter. It's a fragrance that aims to represent the energetic and bold woman. You shouldn't miss this if you think that the original Bloom perfume smells too simple.

Upon spraying, this perfume takes you to the domain of fresh and floral fragrances that feels sunny and joyful. After experiencing the top note, Envy Me then guides you to the domain of floral and fruity fragrances that feels very surreal and colorful. Finally, it lays you down on smokey base notes that provide a heartwarming sensation.

For me Envy Me is a modern take of the classic Bloom perfume. It's a perfume that proved how Gucci can reformulate to cater to the changing preference of consumers.

Pros of Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori

  • Has a floral smell that's accompanied by juicy or zesty accents
  • Features colors of various smells
  • Comes in a very portable perfume bottle

Cons of Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori

  • Kinda lags behind other perfumes on this list in terms of sillage

Why Consider Buying Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Gio?

  • This product is Gucci's modern take on the original Envy perfume

9.Gucci Guilty Black Pour Femme

Black Pour Femme is for women who love fragrances that pack a strong kick. It still has this floral and fruity accent just like other perfumes on this list. However, except that its spiciness will surely surprise your nose. Black Pour Femme brings out the sensuality that the courageous woman emanates.

The strong spicy scent of pink pepper greets upon using this perfume. The powdery and sweet middle note that's made out of raspberry, lilac, violet, and peach. Finally, the spiciness combines with the luscious base note that's composed of caramel, amber, and patchouli.

Black Pour Femme has a unique projection. That said, I recommend that you add this to your collection of perfumes that smell unusual.

Pros of Gucci Black Pour Femme

  • Packs a strong kick on the nose
  • Has an excellent projection and sillage
  • Smells very sexy

Cons of Gucci Black Pour Femme

  • Not recommended for teens

Why Consider Buying Gucci Black Pour Femme

  • Good perfume for adding more color to simple smelling perfumes

10.Gucci Rush

Rush is perhaps the only Gucci perfume with a very unique perfume bottle. Furthermore, a stimulative drug that was widespread in the U.S. during the 1990s inspired its name. Rush is a perfume that aims to hold the user with its scent. That said, be careful because you might get addicted to it.

This perfume showcases floral and oriental accents. This perfume makes you think about looking at the open beach while at the top of a hill. It does great at lifting the mindset and energizing the body.

Pros Gucci Rush

  • Has a stimulating floral and oriental smell that's stimulating
  • Uses an attractive perfume bottle

Cons of Gucci Rush

  • Has an addicting scent

Why Consider Buying This Perfume

  • This perfume lightens the mood somehow


So which product do you prefer in this 10 best Gucci perfume for women review? Personally, I prefer the Gucci Guilty and Gucci By Gucci. Nevertheless, the other perfumes that I discussed are equally great. Gucci is a brand that takes care of women. Wearing at least one perfume from this list will improve your self-confidence. That being said, try Gucci perfumes now and be more of what you can be!

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