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How Long Does Perfume Last on Skin

How Long Does Perfume Last on Skin

Question: How Long Does Perfume Last on Skin? Putting on perfumes make you feel unique and special. The nice fragrance will turn up your mood and freshen you up throughout the day. Good quality perfume retain their longevity for about 24 hours. Although, on average most fragrances last for three to 12 hours approximately.

Different factors contribute to determining the longevity of perfumes on the skin. It is based on the concentration of essential oil, the molecular composition of the perfume, and skin type. It may seem like little bit scientific in a way it is. Above all, perfume has two aspects to it, which is art and chemistry. Let us first talk about the chemistry of perfume.

Molecular Composition

Just like everything, perfume has its own chemistry and it also made up of different molecules. The size of molecules is of various sizes which are ultimately correlated with the fragrance of a perfume.

The size of molecules plays a crucial role in determining its oxidation. Oxidation is basically the chemical reaction in which molecules give away electrons. Since larger size molecules have more electrons to give away, that’s why molecules of musk and woody scent are complex and larger and last days on your skin. Smaller size molecules oxidize fast as they fewer electrons to give away. That’s why citrus scents dissipate more quickly. Consequently, fragrances containing larger molecules will stick around longer. However, this is not over here. Let’s come to another factor that is concentration.

The Concentration of Essential Oil

Concentration is another factor that determines how long does perfume lasts on the skin. Perfumes come in different amounts of aromas chemical and essential oil. More concentration more it will last longer and vice versa. Different type of perfume has different concentration so here is a list which will make you clear.

·        Perfume has 15 to 30 % of essential oil, it will last for about 6 to 8 hours or even more.

·        Eau de perfume has 12 to 18% of essential oil, and it will last for 4 to hours.

·        Eau de toilette has 5 to 7 % of essential oil, and it will last for 2 to 4 hours.

·        Eau de cologne has 3 to 5% of essential oil, and it will last for 2 to 3 hours.

·        Cologne has only 1 to 3 % of essential oil, and it will also last for 2 to 3 hours.

You can see here that the perfume lasts longer than the other fragrance types. The reason is that perfume is based on oil, and the rest are either based on water or on alcohol. Oil adheres to the skin, so the fragrance lasts longer. To feel blossomed all day long, purchase the long-lasting fragrance.

Skin Type

Oily skin usually has a bad reputation. It is more vulnerable to acne and blackheads. But in the case of perfume, the situation is quite opposite, here oiliness is a friend of perfume. The molecules of fragrance are best preserved by the oils in your skin and enhance shelf life. This is why moisturizing your skin first is one tip to help the fragrance last longer. Before putting on perfume, place on some moisturizer, or another oil where you can apply the scent. This way the oil in the fragrance will bind firmly with the oil in the skin. So the fragrance of perfume lasts longer.

Can Your Skin Type Make a Major Difference to Extend the Shelf Life of a Perfume?

Not exactly, but some minutes could be added to perfume’s life. However applying it on your hair and clothing, there is not anything you can do to enhance the longevity of your perfume.

How Long Does Perfume Last on Skin

Characteristics that Affect How Long the Fragrance Will Last

Most of the time even costly perfume doesn’t last long. Even highly concentrated fragrances may not have a long shelf life due to various characteristics.


Heat and humidity can alter the chemical makeup of perfume, however, how long does perfume last depends on the weather you are wearing it. Heavy and strong fragrances are recommended for the cold season while lighter and soft fragrances are good for hot weather.

Condition of Skin

Make sure your skin is prepped and moisturized  with some non-fragrance lotion before dousing yourself with a perfume that will hold the fragrance longer since the non-fragrance lotions are identical to skin’s natural oil, this way smell will last longer.

How you Store your Perfume?

Storing perfume at a proper place will help in increasing its longevity. Heat and natural light can change the chemical composition and consequently alter the smell of perfume. So try to store your perfumes at cool and dark places, better keep them in their original boxes. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Area of Application

Although perfumes last longer on clothes and hairs but spritzing perfumes on your warmer areas, it will be more intense and fragrant for longer. More specifically applying it to your pulse points like wrist, neck, knees, and elbows, helps the perfume to stay relatively longer. Your pressure points naturally radiate heat, which ultimately makes the fragrance evaporate from the skin. While applying perfume don’t rub your wrist instead lightly dab it.

Gradually, the fragrance of perfume vanishes. First, the top note flees away. And then middle or heart notes vanish, and lastly, base notes eventually disappear. They will slowly evaporate if the base notes are resins, woody, etc. If after a bath, you spray perfume, so it will linger longer. Fragrant body cream, lotion, etc. with a similar scent can also be applied. You should purchase a perfume from a well-branded company that carries the fragrance with you all day long.

So What are the Perfumes that can Retain their Longevity on all Day?

To end it up, they are ones that contain complex large molecules, like woody, musky and oriental fragrances featuring amber, vanilla and oud tends to be the longest-lasting perfumes.

Fragrance that lasts longer would also be the one that has a high concentration of essential oils, even though that doesn’t matter as much as its chemical composition. As far as the longevity of perfume on the skin is concerned, a good quality perfume usually last for about a day on your skin, however, the cheapest may have a shorter shelf life on skin. Hope you find the answer to How Long Does Perfume Last on Skin?  

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  1. Perfume can last on your skin more than 24 hours. Most popular perfumes, however, tend to last anywhere between three and 12 hours.