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What To Do With Empty Perfume Bottles

What To Do With Empty Perfume Bottles

Do you have many empty perfume bottles lying around? Put them to use. Follow us as we find out what to do with empty perfume bottles.

A perfume can make a person smell good, while a person can make a perfume bottle into something useful.

Since you're searching for ideas about what to do with empty perfume bottles, you are most likely to have many lying around. If you do, then we got you covered.

If you're unsure what to do, don't DISCARD them yet. Instead, we'll help you turn these things into CARD: Containers, Accessories, Recycle, and Decorations.

There is no need to be overcomplicated; the items on the list will be easy to follow. Grab your empty perfume bottles, and let's get going.

CARD: Containers, Accessories, Recycle, and Decorations


1.Jewelry Holder

If you like perfumes, there's a good chance that you love owning jewelry. If so, then you probably know that keeping and organizing them aren't always easy. They're tiny, too shiny to stay put, and sometimes dangle around.

Since you have many empty perfume bottles, you can repurpose them into a jewelry holder. Even if it's the first on the list, this is the easiest to perform. You only have to clean your bottles, dry them, and then store your precious jewelry.

If you have many items on your jewelry collection, you can separate them into different bottles. Grouping them by accessory size, type, and labels will help for more organization. You can also decorate your bottles with flowers and other attachments so your collection will look fancier inside them.

Although you should be mindful of your jewelry's sizes- some might fit inside, but you will have a hard time getting out. Estimate and decide what item goes into what bottle. Nevertheless, you can still scope them out with pointy objects if your fingers can't fit.


2.Coin Stash

An empty perfume bottle is excellent for a coin stash. It's open and stylish look makes you want to put more coins in them. Indeed, they are great for storing your spare change.

If you're the type of person who likes to save as much, then an empty perfume bottle is perfect for you. First, since you're recycling, you don't have to purchase a coin bank, therefore saving you more money. Lastly, if you have a clear perfume bottle, use them instead; they will urge you to insert more coins since you want to see it became full.

Another use of a perfume bottle is a tip jar. However, it would be best to choose a bottle with a mouth wide enough for inserting money. You don't want customers having a hard time, do you?

Anyway, this use case is straightforward to achieve. Like the former item on the list, you only need to wash, dry, and use it.



Aside from using them as containers, you can turn empty perfume bottles into necklaces. While it may sound like a weird idea, it can turn out great if done well. Before starting, choose the most beautiful pieces from your bottle collection.

A bottle usually comes in a stylish design, making it a perfect pendant for a necklace. Besides, the scent lingers in the bottle for a long time after being empty, mimicking an air freshener but for the body. Although only choose small bottles to keep the look more natural and prevent your neck from hurting due to more weight.

Designing a bottle shouldn't be too hard. You only need to glue it with small decorative attachments. If you don't mind doing more work, you can visit other sites for more perfume bottle accessory inspiration.

2.Carry-on Hand Sanitizer

A perfume bottle is designed to spray liquids, so it's great to use as one. Moreover, since health is wealth, it's essential to take care of it. A way to stay safe when outside is by carrying a hand sanitizer.

Now that you get the idea, what's better than having stylish-looking hand sanitizer, right? Well, with your empty perfume bottles, you can. Plus, it requires minimal work.

You don't even need to wash them, for a great smelling hand sanitizer isn't bad ideally; in fact, it's great. Pour the sanitizer from its original container into an empty perfume bottle and have yourself a great-looking one.

Since you can't squeeze glass, you need to use empty perfume spray bottles instead. It would be best to use non-sticky or alcohol-based hand sanitizers so it won't adhere to the bottle's straw.



You might think that you can't sell empty perfumes, don't you? Well, there's no one to blame; most recycling adverts focus on saving water and beverage bottles and overlooked other materials like these. Regardless, if you want to get rid of your empty perfume bottles, you might as well earn from them.

If you don't have a local recycling shop for perfume bottles wholesale, you can sell online. There are countless sites for selling used items. Two of the best out there are eBay and Carousell.

Selling is easy; you only need to take decent photos of your collection and post them on these sites. Usually, it takes a few days or even weeks before some finds interest in your items, so be patient. Also, make sure to clean your bottles, so customers will find them appealing, which hopefully will convince them to purchase.

Remember, don't throw away your empty perfume bottles. Recycle or sell them when you can. It's an easy process, so take advantage of it.

2.Repurpose as Perfume Bottles

What's the best use of an empty perfume bottle than using it to store your existing scent? That's right; you can repurpose your old bottles by refilling them with new or from your current perfume.

If you purchased an expensive fragrance before and emptied it, there's a chance you still admire the beauty of its bottle. Therefore, isn't it a great idea to use the expensive item's bottle to store your current one? Besides, the spraying mechanism of your old perfume might be too good to cast aside. Instead of throwing out empty perfume bottles, you can repurpose them by transferring your new ones' content. If you're not sure how to do it, you can watch insightful video guides online. Not only you'll have a mixed scent, but also your perfume will now look more premium. Isn't it a fun experiment?


1.Picture Frame

Believe it or not, you can turn your empty perfume bottles into picture frames. Unlike the previous items on the list, you need to be creative this time. However, don't worry; you can still create a sound output without overcomplicating things.

If you don't want to use your precious photos, you can print other images for decorations. First, you will need to design a bottle: glitter it, attach small ornaments and let your creativity flow. Also, you need to measure and reserve a space to put your photo in the center of the bottle.

After designing, you can then attach the photo to the space you provided. You can add details such as stickers or glitters on top of it. As a bonus, you can pour colored water inside the bottle to create a more appealing effect.


The last item on the list is for classic design lovers. If you're more into functional decorations, you can reuse empty perfume bottles as candleholders.

When you use a candle, the wax will drip down over time, causing dirt or gunk on your table surface. It is for this reason that everyone should use candleholders, which also makes carrying them more manageable. However, if you don't want to purchase one, you can use your perfume bottles instead.

There is no need to clean your bottles in this step. All you have to do is remove the lid and anything that blocks the bottle's mouth. Also, consider your candles' size and choose the bottles with a similar or appropriate mouth opening.

If you want to move your candles, you need to devise a handle for the bottle. Since it will get warm to the touch, you will need something to hold to protect your hand. Got any wire or thick cloth?

You can bend or trim them to fit a smaller portion of your bottle.

Are you ready to CARD your empty perfume bottles?

Now that you've read our guide, you'll know what to do with empty perfume bottles. However, if you're still looking for more, there are great resources from other sites that are available for anyone to view. Nonetheless, we hope our review had helped you in managing empty perfume bottles.

We made sure that the items on our guide are easy to follow and perform. There is no need for special materials and equipment to do them. Since perfume bottles are fragile, you don't want to overuse and force them.

The next time you collect empty perfume bottles, don't dispose of them. Instead, think creatively and make use of these resources. When you don't know what to do, always remember CARD: Containers, Accessories, Recycle, and Decorations.

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