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What is a Perfume Tester (The Secret Behind it)

What is a Perfume Tester
The testers are 100% legitimate, original, fresh and authentic. Retail stores use them to advertise a certain scent and are therefore have exactly same quality and composition as normal retail fragrances do. Manufacturers create standard perfume for retail, they also make the same perfume and mark some of them as testers, that displays on store to captivate customers attention and they usually come in a plain box or usually without the fancy cap. Fragrance testers are most commonly created in largest range of branded perfumes. The most widely used packaging is of 100 ml, but also produced in 50, 75, 90, 125, and other variants. The aim of this type of product is to display and present the fragrance, before being bought in big perfumeries and shopping malls. The testers are typically not for sale, although in the distribution and sales network, they are most frequently sold and resold.

Why are Perfume Labeled as Testers?

Sometimes, fragrance testers have distinct label such that consumers can see the difference. Otherwise, all of them will be alike. Scent testers are not for marketing/selling purposes. They are for smelling and "testing" for clients. For Cologne testers there is no original packaging, that’s why their prices are lower. Few of the perfumes are marked as testers in order for shops to tell the fragrance testers from retail fragrance bottles.

What is the Difference between Tester and Sampler?

Have you ever wonder what are samplers? There are sales samples that are circulated or used to test the scent, without any charge. You can think of tiny little pocket size branded vials filled with liquid fragrance of specific branded company. Small samplers generally filled up with only 1.2 ml of perfume oil in contrary to testers, which are normally in a large vial similar to the perfume itself.

For any reason other than ads, they are not marketed or used. Their purpose is to get an understanding of the essence of the product until the fragrance is felt.

Why do Shops keep Perfume Tester?

There are two reasons behind it;

1.     First one is for testing or advertising of the perfume

2.     Second retail shops do not keep too much inventory for too long

Fragrance are highly intangible. Often entirely separate perfume arrangements offer similar pleasantness to inexperienced noses. Customers would not be able to tell their cheaper rivals of an impressive perfume masterpiece. It is also therefore important for consumers to try out perfumes.

Restricted amount of space is available at retail shops to sell items. And retailers cannot advertise the same things all year long. Because retail outlets have so many stocks so, they have incentives to clear out all of them. Few of the fragrance testers finally uploaded on the websites or other e-commerce channels.

What is the Difference Between Tester and Perfume?

As we have already discussed that perfume testers are genuine, authentic and are exactly same as retail counterparts. From commercial viewpoint the major difference between tester and perfume is their price and packaging. The perfumes have original and official one, and the testers don’t.

The packaging of perfume testers is usually simple, plain and inexpensive with reusable or cardboard type material.

Cost of the tester perfume is usually low because of inexpensive packaging

Caps of the tester are usually missing to make customer comfortable in testing the perfume.

You might come across various foreign languages printed on testers. This suggests that supplier are likely to have other countries' perfumes. So, that’s why it is also common to see various languages written on the perfume box.

Tester fragrance can come with additional details inscribed on bottles. Seemingly, while testing, this helps clients to understand more about the perfume notes. Based on the tastes of consumers, the variations in appearance will make them more ideal.

Similarity Between Perfume and Tester

Identicalness between these two lies in their

Manufacturer of the perfume and tester is same.

Perfume quality of testers and perfume is exactly same in terms of its chemical composition, concentration of oil, everything is same.

Durability or shelf life are also equally same. At the same time, we don't see retailers displaying several tester bottles. Presumptions are unfounded for longer show time for perfume testers

Is the Tester More Durable than Original Perfume?

Each tester lasts as longer as the fragrance. The longevity of the perfumes and testers is the similar, but depends significantly on how they are stored. You will notice the difference in the shelf life of both if you do an assessment and leave a perfume and tester in your hand bag without caps for more than a month. This is what when you don't store your perfume or tester properly, liquid scent loses its aroma and strength.

Owing to continuous displaying and exposure to light, some individuals fear that perfume testers can have shorter shelf lives. Yet scent testers are not items that are used. Shops showcase one bottle or hardly a few bottles at a time for perfume testers. Just like all untouched perfumes, the other unused perfume testers were kept the same way. To presume that shops handle perfume testers differently is groundless. Since both contain the same content, the shelf life of fragrance tester bottles is not shorter. As long individuals handled both of them in the same way.

Perfume and Tester are Stored in a Same way

Perfumes are composed of different types of chemical compounds. Their chemical composition can be degraded by prolonged exposure to an abnormal amount of light (ultra-violate rays) and increase temperature. The correct storage of perfume bottles could play a crucial role in preserving the intensity of the fragrance.

Retail shops will not unbox and show several new bottles on their showcase. They also have no reason all at once to pull out tester tubes. Instead, when they go vacant, retailers use only one or a few bottles.

Perfumes integrate with oxygen in the air, and exposure to Ultra violet rays, the intensity and quality of perfume can alter. Therefore, without exposure to direct sun light, it is typically advised to store perfumes at ambient temperature.

Most of the people assumed that perfume testers are more vulnerable to air without caps. As a consequence, we can see perfume testers show different performance than usual fragrances do in terms of its intensity and strength. However the variations between a tester and a standard bottle In terms of air exposure due to caps are unimportant. The same is true for exposure to dispersed indoor lighting. It is very tough to predict if there would be some distinguishable differences among the two bottles.

Does there any Concentration Difference between Tester and Standard Perfume?

The answer is a big no! Both of them are formulated in the same way by the same manufacturer. Neither tester perfume are more diluted nor are they highly concentrated. However, some individuals have reported that, in comparison to regular perfumes, fragrance testers may worked differently. They also figured out that powerful perfume testers enables more items to be sold by stores. On scent testers, clients experience stronger and longer lasting performances and probability of purchasing is also increased. Hence, perfume testers are more preferred being tend to be stronger. We find these claims are largely unproven after extensive studies.

Why Should You Buy a Tester?

The reduced price is one of the great advantages of purchasing a tester. Different branded and well-known companies of perfumes are creating incredible flavors embodied in impressive premium packaging for everyone who have different style and taste.

The bottom line, the same performance is achieved by scent testers. And if there are any variation, generally it is not a bad thing to be stronger. From this viewpoint, one way or another, perfume testers are more preferred to purchase.

We expect that you have already known the resemblance and variations between original labelled perfumes and their testers by listening to your queries and providing you further details. So let me recap once again that, the testers and the perfumes are packed with the 100 % same perfume liquid. The difference between them is just the packaging in which they come towards you.

This post, we think, has been informative and beneficial. When we talk to testers and perfumes, there will be several questions. We will be glad to share your point of view with us, if you have ideas and more queries.

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