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What is the Best Temperature to Store Perfume

What is the Best Temperature to Store Perfume

Temperature is one of the factors that largely affects perfume and its quality. Extreme high and low temperatures are detrimental to the durability, performance, chemical composition of a perfume. So what will be the ideal temperature to store your fragrance?

Therefore, it is safest to store them in a place somewhere at ambient/room temperature. The dark and cold spot is much better. Perfume is not only affected by temperature but also light plays a key role in it.

So if you’ve spent money on a branded bottle of perfume, genuinely speaking that was expensive and you'd like to wear and store it as long as you can. Sadly, perfumes do not come with guidelines or directions for their care and storage. Fortunately, you can avoid fragrances from going expire, or at least slow down their expiration, depending upon how you store your fragrances. In this post, we're looking a little further into the ideal temperatures in which you can store your perfume.

The Best Temperature For Perfumes

The deterioration of perfume begins the moment you unbox the bottle. While mainly decorative, perfume boxes also have a super important function of preventing air from going into the bottle, holding the scent away from light, and ensuring a steady temperature. Until packed, after the first sniff, the scent does not have much oxygen exposure, and so any internal adjustments start from there. Once opened, the safest bet is to enjoy the scent until it is empty and ensure that it is stored appropriately until then.

It can significantly extend its shelf life by keeping your fragrances at the optimum temperature. Preferably, a room temperature setting can be used to store the scent. It would retain the perfume’s aroma and keep it in the best possible state. There can be a wide variety of room temperatures. But usually, you can preserve the scent in temperatures between 55-72°F or 12-22°C. In short, mild and moderate temperatures are usually better!

In addition, try maintaining the fragrances at home. In outdoor places, you do not need to abandon your fragrances. The outside temperature is not as manageable as the inside is. So, the fragrance can deteriorate more quickly. It might sound like a brainless thing, but some people keep their perfumes in the car. Car is not a good place to store your perfumes. The temperature of automobiles regularly alters and can become incredibly hot. Heat is not ideal for the perfume, because it not only evaporates the perfume liquid but also damages the essential oils in perfumes and breaks them down.

Furthermore, the storage area of perfume should have the same temperature all the time. The temperature of the place should not fluctuate. Try not to place your fragrance in an area that is cold one minute and then hot the next. The bathroom is probably the bad place to keep perfume, but it's very logical since when most people get ready for their day in the bathroom. Because of the variations in temperature and high humidity, for supposing, while getting a hot or cold shower, the temperature, and humidity in the bathroom increases or decreases enormously within a number of minutes. This fluctuation destroys your perfume's molecular integrity and speedily make it sour.  It basically becomes a burial ground for perfumes.

How About Storing the Perfume in Fridge?

There is a lot of debate regarding this topic. This methodology protects your perfume from three enemies that is heat, light, and humidity. The refrigerator maintains a steady temperature and, keeping the perfume away from light and humidity, is the best way to avoid oxidation or chemical decay. The essential oils and essences in your perfume can start clotting in, especially warm or hot environments. Some paste-like residues inside will be left with you as the alcohol and water inside evaporate.

Most of the consumers of fragrances want to put their perfumes in the refrigerator. In fact, some individuals swear that the existence of their scent can be prolonged by a fridge. Though, this could not be a good idea for storage.

This could be a suitable place for Cologne. But, generally in colder places, most perfume oil and perfume products won’t last long. This is correct if you want your fragrances to be kept out of the sunlight or heat. But this does not suggest that the refrigerator environment is anyhow good.

How does Sunlight and Heat Impact Perfumes Along with Temperature?

Try to keep your perfume in an upright position, and keep it in its original box, for long-term and optimum performance. Over time, exposure to light will most likely allow the fragrances to expire or deteriorate earlier.

For your fragrance, direct heat and sunlight are never healthy. The heat from the sun may appear innocuous, but the chemical structure of the perfume products may eventually break down. This allows them to lose their efficacy more easily which results in light of weaker smelling scent. Moreover, the packaging of perfumes may be influenced by excessive heat. Heat exposure can melt the container in which your scent is packed. This deteriorates the perfume further. This doesn’t mean the container completely melts away instead a bit of the container melts, which is unnoticeable and gets mixed up with the perfume products inside. Leaving the perfume more diluted and less potent.

However, some fragrance manufacturers opt for such packaging or bottles for their perfumes with more durable/sturdy content. So you should look for bottles made of glass in darker shades. In fact, the dark shades of these bottles provide cushion to the direct blow of sunshine, rendering them less vulnerable to the glare. Usually, over longer periods of time, this form of packaging will retain the scent and will not melt. However, even though they are stored in a more durable material container, never try to place your scent in direct sunlight or heat.

In the end, I would like to sum up that you should keep your scents in a room temperature environment, where the atmosphere stays the same,. Without much heat or humidity, you are best at keeping your fragrances in a cool, dry, and dark place. We listed the bathroom as a poor place to put your fragrances, but you should also avoid the cooking area. It is nice to have something like a draw or jar since it can control the temperature and block sunlight.

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  1. always keep the luxury perfume in a cool space if you can to get the best from the perfume