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How to Make Perfume Last Longer

Tips To Apply Perfume to Make Your Scent Long Lasting

How to Make Perfume Last Longer

In your daily beauty routine, applying perfume may be the last step. Usually, people do not think about the right way of applying the perfume because it is very easy. When it comes to wearing fragrances, then it is more than dab perfume anywhere on your body. If you want to smell fresh for a long time, then you have to find out the right way of applying perfume to your body.


You should know how much to spray and also find out where to store it. Also, you should find out how long it will last on your skin and inside the bottle as well. Here, in this article, we are going to describe a few steps that will give you a guarantee that your perfumes will smell good for long”.


1.Don’t Rub Perfume on Your Skin


You may have observed that your mom or grandmother used to apply perfume on their wrist and rub it. This is the first fragrance habit that we learn from inside our homes. It is the first habit and most difficult to break. If you will rub perfume into your skin, then it will lead to fading of top notes. Your perfume will evaporate before it will start settling down. First of all, you should choose the best perfume like tulip perfume. 


It means that the notes of perfume that you love the most will never transfer onto your skin due to rubbing. You should never rub perfume into your skin because it will never let you translate the same fragrance on your skin. It is recommended that you should let your perfume mix with the natural oil of your body. It will make your perfume long-lasting.


Also, your scent will produce a unique smell when mixing with the natural oil of your body. In addition to this, rubbing perfume onto the skin can lead to friction. Due to the friction, your perfume will heat up and it will lead to a change in fragrance. You should simply apply the perfumes to the spots where you love the fragrance. 


2. Spray-On Pulse Point 


You should spray your perfume on the pulse points. First of all, you should find out your pulse points. The pulse points are located inside your wrist, elbow, behind ear lobes, belly button, and knees. The pulse points are those where the veins are closest to the skin where you can feel the pulse. On the pulse points or warm spots, your body will emit heat.


It will help in diffusing scent and surrounding people will be able to smell the amazing perfume which you have applied on your body. If you want to smell good for the whole day, then you should apply perfume to the pulse point of your body. The perfume which you have applied on the pulse points of your body will spread a beautiful fragrance all day.


3. Properly Store Your Perfume


We all know that perfumes are quite pretty and expensive as well. You should not store your perfume in an extremely hot and humid region. If you store the fragrance in the bathroom, then daily showers and the high humidity level will affect your perfume. The extreme humidity level and quickly changing temperature inside the bathroom will affect the composition of the perfume.


It means that the life of your favorite perfume will start decreasing. In addition to this, direct sunlight can also affect the composition of the perfume. Therefore, it is recommended that you should place your perfume in a dark, cool, and dry place. You should store the perfume bottles inside the dresser. 


4. Spray Perfume on Your Body


Have you ever been attracted to someone else’s perfume? If you want to keep your perfume pleasant for you and the people around you, then you should not spray it all over your body. If you spray your perfume only at one place, then it will create an overpowering effect. You should not concentrate your perfume only on one area.


All of us want that our perfume complements us and improves our natural scent so you should not completely mask it. You want your fragrance to compliment you and enhance your natural scent—not completely mask it. You should apply perfume to your pulse points.


5. Spray on Your Clothes


You should also spray perfume on your clothes along with your body. It is one of the simplest and best ways to make your scent long-lasting. Before applying perfume to your clothes, you should make sure that perfume will not create a stain on your clothes. The perfumes interact with the clothes differently.


When you apply perfume to your clothes, then it will create a different fragrance and slightly light. Consequently, when you apply perfume to your clothes, then light wafting of scent will travel with you. It means that where you go, the amazing fragrance will go with you.


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