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Do Fragrance Oil Safe For Skin

Do Fragrance Oil Safe For Skin
Fragrance oils are supplements to essential oils because of overexposure and cost. Fragrance oils are composed of both natural, synthetic substances and resins. They are made in labs where skilled chemists try to mimic the natural scents by chemical compounds. These fragrance oils in the market are extremely popular and appealing to the public. Tons of people are buying these without knowing what they can do to your skin. You should always check if the oil is skin-friendly. Besides, these oils are also used in hair products such as Mielle Rosemary Mint Oil which makes them more enchanting.

Fragrance oils are of two types, non-skin and skin. Non-skin oils are used in room fresheners, candles etc. Skin friendly oils are used in cosmetics, laundry detergents, and applicants who come in contact with the skin. Synthetic fragrance oils are made with petrochemical products and can be extremely harmful to the skin.I

Do Fragrance Oils Work on Skin? (Guide)

We live in a synthetic world where most of the original products are substituted. Although most of the supplements give us the original results, the rest create havoc for us. It is essential that while shopping for a fragrance oil, we should only buy the natural version. We can easily identify the synthetic versions by the strong and appealing fragrance.

Any fragrance oil posing as "orange bliss" or "beach breeze" is just a marketing gimmick and is most likely a synthetic oil. Many companies claim that their fragrance oil is completely organic, but the problem is that these oils are made up of 20-30 undisclosed ingredients. They can cause long-lasting chemical exposure to your body and affect you in ways you cannot imagine.




     Widely used in perfumes

     Eases anxious feelings

     Increases Focus


Contain phthalates: Phthalates are known to be hormone disruptors, and they are present in almost all cosmetics. Fragrance oils are loaded with them. They are known to cause reproductive defects in males and females.

Allergies: People who are sensitive to fragrances and have allergies are prone to have a reaction. Asthmatic children and adults are at extremely high risk.

Toxic: They don't cause immediate defects, but they are known to cause long term defects in people. These toxins enter the skin and take time to build and you get serious health problems due to prolonged exposure.

Fragrance: We love fragrances, but they are a blend of harmful chemicals made to smell appealing. Anything except for essential oils is made up of synthetic fragrances, which can cause serious disorders.

Irritating to the skin.

Not suitable for skin: If you apply any fragrance oil on your skin, you should wash it thoroughly with water. If you experience any symptoms after that, you should contact your doctor.

How to use it?

Using fragrance oils directly on the skin can have adverse effects, although there are some ways of adding them to different products.

Candles: You can change the scents of your candles by simply adding a few drops of fragrance oil. You can choose between a variety of scents.

Soaps: You can add just 1-2 drops of fragrance oil in homemade soaps to add scent to your soaps.

Skincare: Homemade moisturizers, face masks, scrubs by adding some fragrance, and you are set.

Perfume: Adding fragrance oil to your perfumes is an amazing way of recreating new smells at home.

Ground Reviews

Sasha says, "I wanted to use fragrance oils in my soaps and added a few drops to my soap. The fragrance was strong but not as expected. It smelled nice, and nothing happened in the first 3-4 sessions. It was after that red spots started appearing all over my body. I started feeling an irritation on my skin and would constantly scratch. I first thought it was because I added more drops than recommended , but even after reducing the dosage, my skin problems continued. I visited my dermatologist and she said this is the worst product I could have used. She asked me to lay off any kind of product which has the word fragrance in it because it is filled with chemicals. After that I have never used fragrance oils."

Samantha says "I had ordered a few bottles of fragrance oil to make a bath bomb I saw online. They came and they smelled amazing. I was so excited to start working on it and use it. After experimenting for a bit I was successful in making a bath bomb. I planned a bath and used it for years. To my surprise, after a session I started experiencing breathlessness and was rushed to the emergency room. It had to do with directly applying fragrance oils on your skin. My dermatologist said that these oils have hormone displeasers and cause trouble after prolonged exposure."


Can fragrance oils be used in a diffuser?

Yes, you can use fragrance oils in a diffuser. Users say that the aroma doesn't last for a long time but the smell is amazing.


Where to buy fragrance oil?

You can get it on various sites and company websites. You should be absolutely sure of the seller to buy it from. Make sure it is 100% natural.


Can fragrance oil be used on skin?

No, absolutely not. Fragrance oil has chemicals that have horrible effects on our skin. You will have a reaction similar if you have exposure to chemicals on your skin.


Is it safe to use fragrance oil in soaps?

Yes, you can use fragrance oils in everything as long as it's organic.


Final Verdict

Fragrance oils are highly chemical and synthetic products. While they might work for certain people, they are toxic to use. Their ingredients are not disclosed, and it's unlikely that the products might be natural. I would suggest using essential oils in bath bombs, soaps, moisturizers and other skincare products.

They might be expensive, but you will never have to worry about having a reaction. Beware of companies selling synthetic products claiming to be original. You should always read reviews and cross-check your purchase. If you see 'fragrance' written on any product, never buy it.

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  1. While essential oils are natural, they are still made from chemical compounds from the plants from which they are derived. perfume oils are made in the laboratory using natural and man-made compounds. It is considered safe for the skin or not safe for the skin. As far as i know one of the best luxury perfume brand is ramasat which can give you a good quality product.

  2. Yeah, Thanks you for letting know about the fragrances proper use.!