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Is Insanely Expensive Makeup Worth the Price?

Is Insanely Expensive Makeup Worth the Price?

From eyebrow fillers to mascara, from lip liners to glosses, from primers to contours, and many more there is no limit to the makeup products where money can be spent. You for grocery or to a medical store, one thing you’ll find at both places is racks full of cosmetic items luring you. However, for many of us, quality cosmetic products mean buckets full of dollar bills.

Designer makeup can cost as much as three times than drugstore makeup. The question here is how these two types of makeup compare? Is it worth spending hard earned money only because the packaging has a printed Fenty or Kylie?

The Price Value

The price value may sound like a no big deal for one purchase but in reality it all adds up because no one stops at one item only. If you know how to put on just the right makeup, you would know how many products go into the no makeup look. As per the NPD group in 2017 Americans spent 1.8 billion on high-end products only.

Look at the number of annual sales and now consider this, there are high chances that the more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the better. Even the drugstore items are excellent in quality and way cheaper than the designer ones. They are already fairly priced and then many best discount codes would also be applicable to these products throughout the year. On the other hand, the high-end items are less likely to go on significant sales.

Many makeup artists from Hollywood shamelessly accepted that they use more than half of the products from drugstore brands on the celebs endorsing only high-end companies. They also declare that majority of the drugstore products create the same look as the fancier items promise.

Always Check The Ingredients

So be wise and instead of dropping more than $30 on a single bottle of primer get it in $5 for the same quality though it is imperative that you check the ingredients before buying any skincare or makeup product. They include parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, and fragrances which can be problematic. Again these are the same ingredients used in both type of products so; it is not like that if you are paying more you can buy blindly. No, it is not the case in fact when you are paying more you should be more vigilant.

You should look for the ingredients like natural oils, plant extracts which are again not exclusive of any one of the two. If some high-end brands take pride in using natural ingredients, then there are some top-rated drugstores as well who are champions at manufacturing natural products.

Why High-End Costs More

Now, the next question is why designer products cost more and not just more; they cost way more. Well, there are various reasons why you have to pay a huge amount, and some of them are:

•    Brand Name: it is a status symbol so; naturally it is going to cost you more. When you want to flaunt a channel item in your vanity you have to blow some extra bills.

•    Scent: this is one thing where even an immature can point the finger and tell apart the designer from its dupe. They either add luxe fragrance to enhance the experience or simply advertise against adding any artificial scent to the makeup.

•     Applicators: designer makeup comes with better applicators like eyebrow brushes and blenders. This makes a difference huge in the application and how it looks on the face. This adds an extra value especially for the people who buy applicators separately for the drugstore makeup.

•    Packaging: no genius! This one is pretty obvious. It doesn’t require an expert to tell the vast difference in the packaging of the two types. Flashy tubes and pretty boxes make consumers feel more special and so, they become more likely to stick to that item. Basically, fancy packaging is like the idea of status in the cosmetic world.

•    Pigmentation: high-end products usually offer better pigmentation than drugstore items. Good pigmentation means less product would be used.

The Basic Difference

You must have noticed until now that the high prices of fancy makeup are not because of the ingredients. Both high-end and their dupes use almost the same ingredients, and if we consider the quality on the basis of what’s used in the making, then there is no significant difference. The only dissimilarity is the added features like pigmentation and scents. In the end, it depends on the consumers to decide whether the cost is justifiable or not.

Drugstore Or Designer?

Every individual has different priorities, some may like to apply the signature designer lipstick while others may enjoy an expensive concealer, and it depends on personal choices. Nevertheless, it is good to know where to splurge and where to save it will assist you in allocating the cosmetic budget wisely. Let’s see product by product.


It has one of the longest shelf life almost about up to a year. Mostly powder-based blushes have the same ingredients which imply no real need to spend more on this product. Since blush is also buildable and can be layered to get the desired amount of color even pigmentation is not an issue.

If you prefer a cheek stain rather than a traditional blush, then you have to go tough on your pocket and buy a designer one simply because it is a specialty product.


It has a similar formulation no matter what brand. The application of mascara depends on pigmentation and its brush which are both available in a high-end one. That is the one reason you may want to pay those extra bills happily.

On the other hand, it is one of the most common makeup products so; there are plenty of options to try even in the drugstore range. Mascaras have different benefits, and there is no one shoe fits all policy here. Some mascaras are suitable for volume while others may work for lengthening. You need to be precise about what you want. More expensive mascaras with their amazing applicators tend to give volume to the lashed whereas; the drugstore ones may work best for lengthening.


No compromise on lips. The only two things that matter are magical pigmentation and enchanting wear. These two promising qualities are a must in every lipstick and more often are only available in fancier and pricey products.

If you have a signature look and want to stick to it, then you should definitely go for the expensive options as it will give you the same color payoff every time. Designers also add a moisturizer in the lip color which prevents dry pout as it is often a problem with the cheaper ones.

Lip Gloss

It doesn’t require you to be as finicky as the lipstick does which makes you eligible to go on a bargain hunt and but as many colors as you want. They don’t need pigment as lipstick, and almost all of them have a similar formula. All lip glosses contain a combination of microcrystalline wax, lanolin oil, and polybutene.

Foundation And Concealer

These products are very personalized. Some prefer color correction only, and some need full coverage which makes it hard to announce one as a clear winner because both types have their own benefits. It is a skin-colored makeup product, and the match can be found anywhere.

To get set on one requires trying different products before finding a perfect match. If you are buying an expensive one, then be sure to test it in natural light before you splurge. High-end products may include serums, sunscreens, and light reflectors which the cheaper ones may lack.

Nail Polish

This is definitely the same you’ll find across the board. Especially better drugstore brands and high-end brands have no difference at all. The difference you are looking for is not in the nail polish but in the topcoat. So, the smart and intelligent thing to do is to splurge on the topcoat which can, in turn, make all the cheaper nail polishes look extremely good.

Eye Liners And Eyeshades

Eyeshades have similar ingredients in every brand; however, it may be possible that the designer ones have the premium version of these ingredients. Cheaper eyeshadows may feel chalky at times whereas, the expensive ones have better pigmentation with a smooth application.

When it comes to eyeliners, there is no major difference unless you are a fan of liquid liners. Liquid liners are tricky and mostly give a hard time when they are from the drug store. High-end liners offer better applicators and create a perfect line. Else, you can get some applicators through Online coupon codes.

End Note

It all comes down to the affordability of the individuals. Expensive makeup is totally worth it if you are in love with the brand you use because then it adds value to it. When it comes to longevity, color pays off, or pigmentation designer products have your back. You can have amazing results from the drugstore products as well, but you may have to use more products in one go, or the look won’t stay for a long time, or you may have difficulty creating the same look again. So, all in all, we can say insanely expensive makeup is worth the price if you are content with the results.

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