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12 Best Winter Fragrances Male

12 Best Winter Fragrances Male

A perfume is now a fundamental accessory for every man. Like everything, even the perfume must be chosen with caution, and it is not always easy to get a complete idea of the best products to buy, because there are many brands and the categories, the fragrances, are equally numerous. Indeed, the wide range of choices might scare the less experienced, but, with a general overview, the choice actually narrows. Today, therefore, we are going to see what have been selected as the 12 best winter fragrances male.

1.Armani Code

The first perfume on the list isn't exactly the last one out, but, like wine, it gets better with age. In fact, Armani Code dates back to 2005, when it took the place of its predecessor presented just a year earlier, the Black Code (of which the name is essentially the only modification). On the other hand, I don't think the Giorgio Armani brand needs a presentation.

Among the head fragrances we find: bergamot, lemon and black pepper

Initially there is an explosion of citrus fruits thanks to bergamot and lemon. Then slight notes of pepper are perceived, which add depth to the head of the fragrance.

As for the heart fragrances we find instead: star anise, olive blossom and vanilla.

The perfume reveals gourmand and spicy notes. The olive flower involves a floral balance, which makes the heart not too bitter. The star anise, instead, serves to give freshness, and the vanilla adds a little flavor on the finish.

Finally, for the basic fragrances we find: Tonka bean, guaiac wood, Labdanum and amber.

Initially, guaiac wood and amber earthy honey notes are complemented by notes of labdanum and tonka bean. In the end, everything is vivid and enveloping

For a high-end fragrance, longevity is a bit of its weak point, in fact it tends to wear off quite soon, but it must be said that, despite requiring several applications to last longer, being a winter fragrance, despite the weakness, it will last longer thanks to low temperatures. However, it is a rather precious perfume and perfect for romantic occasions.

2.Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb

This perfume, on the other hand, is decidedly more recent, and dates back to 2012, produced by the well-known brand Viktor & Rolf.

Spicebomb is primarily a vibrant and fresh fragrance. The main notes are bergamot, elemi and pepper, while the bitter grapefruit then emerges.

Subsequently we perceive saffron, cinnamon and paprika, which certainly give a very spicy character to the fragrance. Finally, vetiver comes into play, and then gives way to agarwood oudh and musky labdanum. Meanwhile, the burnt leaves of guaiac create, with the vetiver, an aroma reminiscent of tobacco.

It is a fairly powerful scent, but this too has a short shelf life. It is particular because it leaves a long trail behind it, and this is also great for romantic occasions.

3.Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male

Mainly the fragrance contains bergamot, but the citrus component is also felt a lot, which releases a fruity essence. Also noteworthy is the fragrance of pear on a background of aromatic lavender and fresh mint. The heart of the perfume is very spicy, and is composed of sage, cinnamon and cumin, to conclude with notes of vanilla. The base is instead obtained from a resin mix of cedar wood and sweet patchouli.

Also note the touch of labdanum, which with vanilla creates an amber aroma. The main feature, of course, is the pear, which gives a different note from other perfumes and is the hallmark of this perfume.

This fragrance is powerful and lasts quite a long time. It must be said, however, that it does not leave a particularly strong trail. This perfume is also perfect for a romantic date.

4.Paco Rabanne 1 Million

Also Paco Rabanne is a brand that doesn't need presentations, and this male fragrance is one of the best male fragrances ever produced by it.

Mainly it has a sweet and sour aroma due to grapefruit, blood orange and peppermint. Mint contrasts with citrus fruits, almost reminiscent of an Old Fashioned with sweet and bitter notes. The heart is composed of citrus notes of neroli sugar and floral aromas of rose, which contrast with cinnamon and nutmeg. The whole gives a sweet / salty contrasting character. The base is instead composed of notes of labdanum and resinous agar wood, which interact with a sweet splash of patchouli.

It is particularly suitable for young adults, and, in addition to being quite powerful, it has a very good duration, to get to last all day and night with a few sprays. Precisely for this reason, even if suitable for all occasions, it is better not to overdo the sprinkles, because the resinous and bitter notes can easily become heavy for those around us.

5.Dolce & Gabbana The One

This perfume mainly carries a slightly bitter grapefruit peel fragrance, with an undertone of fresh basil and coriander. The citrus aroma is very lively and slightly bitter, creating a good masculine scent In the heart we find a slight sweetness given by neroli, but which contrasts with the strong nutmeg and cardamom. Also noteworthy is the presence of some bright notes of ginger on this soft background. In the base we encounter musk and wood resin, which create a tantalizing and tantalizing blend of amber, not heavy. Guaiac wood and ambergris create an almost tobacco sensation, while tonka bean and vanilla create an ideal background. Finally, the dry aroma of cedar wood contrasts with a sense of freshness, thus giving an oriental but spicy character.

Unfortunately, even this perfume, although it has a rather powerful aroma, has a relatively short duration, of a few hours. So, although it is good for romantic or intimate occasions, you have to be careful not to apply too much due to the presence of musky notes.

6.Carolina Herrera CH Men Privé

The main aroma is an alcoholic aroma of grapefruit, honey and lavender, often associated with Whiskey. There is also a hint of honey and aromatic lavender, which gives a slight sensation of freshness. The heart is basically composed of spiced cardamom, in open contrast with star anise, which gives a spicy character enriched by juniper. Thyme and rosemary components can also be noted, but they are quite weak. In the base we find the oriental component, given by the slightly sweet tonka bean. Accompanying it is benzoin, a balsamic resin, and a hint of vanilla. In addition, agar wood stands out, which overall adds an oriental incense aroma, which adds to the whiskey-like alcoholic character.

However, the performance is not the best. In fact, this fragrance gives only a small hint, but it is very strong and should be used with caution. In fact, it feels good when in close contact with the wearer, and it only lasts a couple of hours. However, it leaves a pleasant aftertaste even once it has faded, and is perfect, once again, for romantic occasions.

7.Prada l'Homme Intense

The main aroma is due to the iris, however there is more. There are also notes of black pepper and citrus, which give a bitter fragrance, but the whole is actually quite sweet and spicy. The heart is also quite spicy, thanks to patchouli accompanied by cardamom. Finally, you can smell the violet, which takes up the initial iris and its floral aroma. The base is composed of tonka bean, sandalwood and guaiac wood, which gives a woody and resinous note.

The product is powerful enough, but, in addition to having a fairly narrow range, it also has a fairly short duration, but it remains a good choice to use for intimate dates and special occasions.

8.Bleu de Chanel

The peculiarity of this perfume is certainly the contrast between citrus fruits and spices. In fact, it contains grapefruit and bergamot, as well as coriander and pepper. Together, they create a very mint-like aroma, although the pepper is a bit more potent and adds substance.

In the heart we find ginger, jasmine and melon, which gives something creamy and fragrant. The base is instead composed of labdanum, musk, patchouli, olibanum and sandalwood. The whole is quite musky, but has a lot of character and recalls oriental aromas.

The perfume creates a fairly large bubble and lasts for several hours. However it is quite powerful, so be careful not to use too much, as it could become annoying.

9.Guerlain Habit Rouge

Of this perfume, the aromas of bergamot, basil and rosewood are immediately noticed in perfect balance, refreshing but not excessive.

In the heart we immediately find rose and jasmine, which give a floral note, with the addition of patchouli and a little sandalwood, and at this point, as typical in Guerlain perfumes, the powdery aspects of the product begin to be noticed. The base is instead composed mainly of labdanum, which takes up the initial floral note. In addition there is a little benzoin, a resinous element, which together with the oak moss gives an oriental touch. Finally we find vanilla, which adds a sweet note.

The fragrance is strong but delicate, and has a fairly narrow bubble, and also has a fairly good longevity, qualities that make it suitable for even formal occasions.

10.Azzaro Wanted


The main notes of this perfume are definitely lemon and ginger, with a hint of lavender. It is often associated with chewing gum. In the heart we find spicy and fruity components due to apple and currant. All this clashes with cardamom, a little more spicy and spicy. Then we find the geranium to add a floral note together with the falls, an oil extracted from the juniper that makes everything more interesting. Finally, in the base, we find more musky aromas, due to the tonka bean and the dryness of the vetiver. Then there is amber wood, which is drier, in contrast with agar wood, which is very balsamic.

It must be admitted that in terms of longevity this perfume is not the best, lasting about half a day. It has a strong but delicate fragrance, and creates a fairly large bubble. Finally, it is suitable for all occasions.

11.Versace The Dreamer


In the head we find particular fragrances such as lavender, sage and mandarin, for a spicy but fruity and delicate mix. The heart is instead totally floral, and in fact we find only rose, carnation and geranium, accompanied by a light note of tobacco, to balance and give a note of bitterness. Finally, we find already known fragrances such as tonka bean, fir, vetiver and a hint of cedar wood, which gives the whole a balsamic but woody, delicate touch.

In general it is a good perfume, formal but also suitable for every day, with a rather large bubble and an average duration, which reaches more or less the whole day, even if with the passing of the hours it remains more of an aftertaste.

12.Invictus by Paco Rabanne


It starts from the head, composed of lemon and pink pepper, for a mix of citrus and spiciness, delicate but strong. In the heart we find incense and lavender, which create a well-balanced balance between the strong balsamic aroma of incense and the delicacy of lavender. Finally, in the base, we find the now famous Tonka bean and a note of amber.

An aromatic, fresh and sensual oriental fragrance. The freshness is given by the liveliness of the lemon, enhanced by the pepper and incense. Lavender adds vigor and delicacy. The sensuality comes from the amber that accompanies the tonka bean.

Overall, the perfume has a good duration and a fairly expanded bubble, and is suitable for all occasions, although it is better not to abuse it.



Here is our list, then! As you can easily see, some ingredients are repeated, and the prices all fall within a rather wide range and accessible to all. We hope, with this 12 best winter fragrances male, we have given a general overview of which are the best men's perfumes for the winter season.

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