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Cremo Blue Cedar And Cypress Cologne Review

Cremo Blue Cedar And Cypress Cologne Review

Cremo Cedar and Cypress is a perfume for men. The base note is cedar, the middle note is cypress, and the top note is a lemon leaf. These exquisite cologne fragrances have been made with purpose and passion by an individual who breathes, eats, and has live scents. And additionally, emphasis is placed on the breathing section. Every fragrance comes from a thoughtful mixture of ingredients and is packaged in a classy and superb glass spray bottle. This is a unique perfume that has no comparison in the market.

Blue & Cedar cypress cologne by Cremo has the ability to level your everyday grooming routine. Aside from making you smell cozy and opulent, it also allows you to feel comfortable in every space you go. If you've ever desired to get a good yet uncommon scent, this is your experience to enjoy yourself!

Unlike other cheap and short-lasting cologne, this one by Cremo offers you a powerful scent that lasts the entire day, and most importantly, it won't overpower you. Like we've mentioned above, the perfume is layered with complex scents. Being a gentleman's cologne, it doesn't have many complexities, it's simple as its name, and delivers you the best scent ever.



Has a long-lasting smell that can overpower all the other scents. It keeps you smelling unique from the crowd.

Designed with three distinct scents. Top note being what you experienced initially, second note is the heart of fragrance and third note is the heaviest scent.

Made lightweight thus you can easily carry it with you when travelling.

Takes less storage space in your travelling bag.

You can spray on your clothes because it does not stain any white clothes.

Assures you of a longer usage since it comes in a huge bottle.




Comes with the bottle filled up to 80-90%

Reasons why you should buy this perfume

As a man you have more than enough reasons to try purchasing this perfume. This is because it will leave you smelling like a real gentleman with a simple spray on your neck.

Unlike most cologne that is in the market, this one is from ingredients that come from and/or manufactured from naturally existing scents and fragrance that comes from plants, flowers, leather, and tree oils.

You need to acquire this perfume if you need to get a luxurious scent that can only be gotten from top-notch masculine notes.

What's more, expect to get a long-lasting yet powerful fragrance from this cologne, and it won't overpower you or the people around you.


We've offered you the cologne that will surely change your grooming experience for the rest of your life. Cremo brand prides itself on its world-class body spray that has more than a luxurious scent. Whether you need to smell unique, or you need a scent of opulence in every space you go to, this cologne will perfectly suit your needs. Besides, it offers value for your money; you get what you pay for.

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