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Should I Store My Fragrance Away From Sunlight?

How to Store Perfume In Hot Weather

Perfumes are not normally marked with an expiration date, but are not intended for long-term use. By properly preserving the perfume, you can extend its shelf life. Choose a space outside direct light with a constant temperature. Be sure to place the perfume in the correct storage containers. Make sure you avoid damaging the perfume. Do not place vulnerable bottles on high shelves and keep a lid on the bottle to prevent odor damage. Unfortunately, direct sunlight can quickly degrade perfumes,” a spokesperson explained “and heat also affects them because it breaks  the chemical bonds that give a perfume its scent. Generally, the darker the bottle , the better the preservation of the perfume.

Put your perfume in the original bottle. 

If you have a perfume container, put the perfume in this bottle. Do not move it to another container as it will be exposed to air. This can cause some of its odor to be lost.

Store Your Fragrance in a Dry Place.

Water is a force to be reckoned with. Like other things, water damage can destroy the odor. Moisture can affect the composition of the perfume and can cause unwanted chemical reactions. This can be difficult to prevent if you are in a humid environment, so if you do, you need to be more aware. 

Store Your Perfume In an Air-Tight Container

With really special bottles, you want to go high and forward and at the same time guarantee their longevity. The best way to do this is to wrap it twice. Put them in the original box and then put the valuable charge in an airtight bag - it's better not to be fooled. The mixture of airless and zero light guarantees a minimum level of oxidation, protects your perfume from harmful rays and leaves a pleasant scent in good weather.

Keep Temperature Constant

Exposing the scent to uneven temperatures can damage the life of your scent. While the bathroom seems like the most visible place to store your favorite scent, you may want to think again. Every time you take a bath, the outside air gets wet and spoils the inside of your perfumes. Over time, this sudden increase in humidity can make your perfumes smell unique and unpleasant. Instead of using the bathroom for storage, try hiding your perfumes in your room. It will last a long time and you will save in the end.

Instead of a full-size perfume bottle, try wearing small versions or test sizes from your favorite perfumes, such as Lomani Best Perfume for Men. This will prevent damage to the full size bottle.

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