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Is Giving Perfume As A Gift, A Bad Luck?

Is Giving Perfume As A Gift, A Bad Luck?

Fear, irrationality, notion, shibboleth and false belief are a few closest synonyms of superstition. A superstition is nothing but some long believed myths practiced all over the world, even today. Surprisingly, it is not settled to the limits of cats crossing your path, the number 13, bad luck, good luck or bad omen, but one of the worst heard was putting paraffin and burning a lady’s foot to ease the scorpion’s bite. Most of the beliefs are fun and harmless but there are serious ones too. A belief that can cause you insomnia and restlessness can’t be a fun belief we guess. Among various other bad\good luck beliefs, is a belief that giving perfume, gloves and even shoes may cause you a bad luck. It will not be wrong to say that this world is full of taboos and superstitions beliefs. However, the big question “is giving perfume as a gift a bad luck” is still unanswered.

Who should be blamed here? Superstitions are probably so obscure that most people don't even know where they came from. This belief is probably rooted in habit for a lot of people. They were told by their elders that doing certain things could bring them bad luck, and those elders were told so by their elders. Sometimes people prefer not to take the risk, but occasionally, odd coincidences may convince someone who otherwise would never believe in superstitions.

As Gen-Z should we believe in this superstition?

What arises now is the question of whether it is rational to believe in this superstition of not gifting a perfume to someone because it is considered bad luck? According to studies, these superstitious beliefs are powerful intuitions that our brain repeatedly avoids correcting, as an example, an avid Football fan wearing the team's jersey cheered for his team, that day the team won. The jersey continued to be worn for every game of his team and he started believing it was the lucky jersey that the team had been winning because of. However, it clearly wasn't true! In fact, the fan appears to have completely ignored the team's days and nights of hard work. Is it fair on the team’s part? Similarly, considering a “non-living” gift or an article of high functionality, style, and class as something that will drive bad luck appears as nothing but mere sign of ignorance, illiteracy, and blind beliefs!
As the people of a modern-day society and torch bearers of tomorrow, should we be fanning the flames of taboo and bad omens?

Two sides of one coin

Whenever you're looking to buy perfumes online for gifting purposes, you will come across blogs that suggest why you should not purchase it and why you should. If you look closely, you will find that the part of the internet that believes that perfume can bring bad luck as a gift is opinion based, using rumors and false yet “spicy gossip” to drive traffic to their blog. The blogs and articles that affirm perfumes as a gift are based on logic and research. However, both serve a particular audience and write according to their readers preferences. Perfumes as a gift is not only a versatile gift but also indicates intimacy, evokes emotions and it is a way to show your care and affection too. As a responsible and rational individual, you should be able to make choices that make sense, after all, your choices are what define you!

Which side are we on?

Have you ever paused to consider that it could be nothing but a mere rumor that was created to discourage gifting perfumes as they were expensive and inaccessible?

Historically in Europe gifting perfumes was considered a sign of showing affection and declaring love or for starting of a new relationship, but as per today all around the world perfumes are exchanged as a gift, symbolizing care, trust, friendship, and a token of love as well. This shows that you know the person well and are aware of their taste and preferences. If not, a perfume that smells great will always make the most excellent gift no matter what the person's gender.

Not a bad luck, but functional and smart

Perfumes don’t only increase self-appeal but also boost self-confidence. It enhances health and mood, reduces stress and anxiety. A bottle of fragrant liquid cannot control how your “luck” works! It is your hard work, choices, deeds that make, break, and define who you are and how your life is going to be. A set-back should be taken as a lesson rather than an opportunity to encourage superstition or blame your luck or perfumes! Here, we love them.

It requires an effort to choose the best perfumes for your loved ones, according to their preferences and need which only indicates that they are an indispensable part of your life. Often it happens that a certain smell brings back plenty of memories, thus fragrance can be the best and the clearest memory one can have and gift.

With plenty of options available today in offline as well as online market, it’s a smart choice and a functional one too.


With ever increasing demand for perfume, we are no longer just dealing with body scents, but also hair mists, unisex perfumes, kids’ perfume, oil, powder and solid perfumes, fragrant essential oils, bath oils, cosmetics, and beauty products, etc.

In terms of revenue, global perfume market size is an estimated 33.69 billion dollars in 2016, and is forecast to grow by 3.9% by 2025, making it 40.9 billion dollars.

Market growth and revenue will endure for a long time, as the fragrance industry is developing and is about to undergo a dramatic change. In the field of fine fragrance, personal care, home and fabric care, as well as oral care, innovations are at their peak. The demand has also increased due to the feature of online shopping, as the product are available at all corners of the world due to various e-commerce stores.

It's high time that we as a rational generation change the rules and stop blaming the simple pleasures of life for any mishaps. We hope, next time someone asks if giving perfume as a gift a bad luck, you can have a healthy and factual discussion about it.

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